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  1. I read Rocco Baldelli's comments after the 4-2 loss to the Angels yesterday. I quote, "(The last two losses) felt like games that if we played good baseball and did the things we wanted to, we had a chance to win. We just didn't do much offensively. ... It's not rocket science. We've got to score some runs and there's different ways to do that." Really?! Seriously?! That sounds like a stereotypical straight-line leading into a comedy skit on SNL. So here's the thing. You know Baldelli is struggling with how to fix a broken team when he responds like Captain Obvious to why the Twins are in a death spiral. "WE'VE GOT TO SCORE SOME RUNS AND THERE'S DIFFERENT WAYS TO DO THAT." ???!!! No screaming eagle do-do. I don't have the answers myself. But the guys who get paid millions of dollars should. Do your jobs. There's too much talent on this team to be in the position you're in now!!!! Geezze.
  2. Hmmm. You're right about 7 or 8 game winning streaks. Does a 6 game winning streak count? Or the fact that the Guardians are 14-8 since the all star break? So I guess my "shark" reference is more apropos with Cleveland (although ChiSox are at least 11-10 which is better than Twins 8-9 since the break). Either way, trending to me says a lot about a team. And the Twins are trending downward. You're also very correct in saying that "Guys need to perform!". When should we expect that to happen???
  3. "At this point to go into the 2023 season", I'd like them to improve their pitching, offense, defense, and overall ability to win. How the front office does that is up to them, but since you asked...
  4. So there's still 52 games left in this season. But based on the past couple of weeks, the future of this year's Twins looks bleak. The Twins are 7-9 so far in the second half. I appreciate the moves the Twins tried to make in acquiring Mahle, Fulmer, Lopez, and Leon. But it's clear the Twins are at best a .500 club and with Cleveland and Chicago smelling blood, these sharks won't be missing an opportunity for an easy meal. Considering that the Twins have 6 of their last 9 meetings against the White Sox in Chicago, and 5 of their last 8 against the Guardians in Cleveland, I think it's safe to assume the Twins front office should now be thinking about the 2023 season. One might say that pitching was the ultimate undoing of the Twins this season. But the undependable offense and error prone field defense can take a share of the blame. Not that the Guardians or White Sox are that much better (or worse) in the statistical areas. But some key stats shine. Guardians have 29 saves. White Sox 31 saves. Twins only 21 saves. Combined team ERAs are 3.86 for Cleveland. 3.92 for Chicago. 4.10 for the Twins. Other stats bother me less (only 20 stolen bases, lowest in the league). The Twins are not a "bad" team. And they've had their share of setbacks/injuries to deal with. But so have Cleveland and Chicago. It just appears that the Twins have run out of gas, while Cleveland and Chicago seem to have the wind behind their backs. And I wouldn't count on a wild card spot. There are too many "better" teams in the mix. So front office, what are you going to do to make this team better in 2023? I wait with anxious anticipation!
  5. C'mon already. If the Twins were a better team, they wouldn't find themselves in these situations as often, AND, wouldn't be arguing about calls after the game was over. Grow up. They're an average team in a bad division and are hanging on for dear life.
  6. As much as I'd like to see some last minute hail Mary trade that gets them into the post season this year, I don't see it happening without giving up your future. I'd be fine with sitting pat. Maybe finding a RP or two if they don't give up too much. Let's "plan" for next year and beyond. Not just this season!
  7. Had I answered this question a couple weeks ago, I might have said 85 was possible. After seeing the melt down of the last two weeks of play, I'm doubtful about 80. The Twins have an entertaining offense (at times). But their pitching (in general) is awful. A reversal of fortunes is my expectation for the remainder of the Twins season. A shame if I'm right...
  8. I think we've found the secret to the Twins winning games. All the games need to be 1 - 0 scoring. They are undefeated in games where only 1 run total has been scored during the game...
  9. Now we get to see how the Twins will respond (or not) over the next 15 games. 8 against the Indians (5 away) and 3 against the White Sox (all away). We'd be lucky to go .500 over that stretch. But more than likely we'll be at least two games behind Cleveland and even with the Sox. Hope springs eternal...
  10. Well I think we all knew that either Cleveland or Chicago was going to make a move at some point. After today it'll either be a 1 game or 2 game lead (Twins losing 7 - 1 at this point and likely will loose the rubber to AZ). IMHO, this is not the end of the world when you consider all the injuries/COVID that the team has had to endure over the last few weeks. It could have been a lot worse! The Twins have a powerful offense. Pitching is touch-n-go, but with Gray back and Bundy showing some signs of resurgence, I like the Twinkies chances going into the All Star break and beyond. Yes, perhaps a trade for a good relief P or two. But don't talk to me about trading Correa or Arreaz! These guys are too essential to let go IMHO. Anyway, it's fun to see our Twins being competitive again. Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers in the world!
  11. Prediction... Yanks will take at least two of the next three games with the Twins. It's obvious these two teams are light years apart in terms of their abilities and talent. This three game series will amplify that fact. But at least the Twins are in a better spot than last year (or so it would appear).
  12. If the Twinkies can get through this injury/COVID laden period and maintain their lead in the Central (5 or more games ahead of 2nd place), then I give them high marks for their grit and determination! Go Twins!!!
  13. Loosing two of three to the last place team in our division?! Truly pathetic. This team has a tough road ahead...
  14. "Any team that makes the playoffs can win no matter the roster." No "any" team can't. That's my point exactly. You don't build a team to make the playoffs. You build a team to win the WS. Period. Apparently you focused on the last statement in my post, which in fact was a little tongue-in-cheek. But it is reinforced by the way the Twins have played against the Astros this year and against the Yankees in years past. My main point was that they'll have to pickup a more reliable SP to replace what they have as a number 4 or 5 before the season ends. And after last couple games, it's clear their BP might need some changes as well, i.e., Duffy/Cano.
  15. Interesting observations, and I agree that the Twins have done some creative things to cobble together what appears to be a competitive roster this year. Time will tell... There are some players that I'm concerned about, and some choices I don't quite understand (yet). For instance, why is Royce Lewis back in the minors after hitting .308 for the Twins while Jose Miranda is still "playing out the experiment at first base" while hitting .143 ??? Also, the pitching is doing better this year. Particularly their starters. But it's a long season, and I am fairly certain that they will have to find/acquire another solid starter before the season is over. I don't think Josh Winder is a long term option as a go-to starter. And it's still too early to say that the guys they have in place can sustain through the season. And then again... can they ever really beat the Yankees and the Astros... in a five/seven game series? (looking too far ahead ???)
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