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  1. What's the saying? "Hope springs eternal." I admire your loyalty. I wish I had the same "hope". I don't. They have zero chance of making the playoffs. And more like 71 (not 81) games is the likely target for them at this point. Cheers.
  2. I agree that timing will be part of the equation for change. But the contenders (unlike the Twins) will be very anxious to scope up needed players at needed positions as we near the trade deadlines. That would be the optimal time to think about what direction this team can/will take, and who we're willing to (should?) let go (or acquire?). Yes, money is king. But, like I said, the way we're going right now, it's hard to believe we'll stand pat on the current line up and not make some major changes.
  3. Like a well baked ham, this season is over. It's time to start thinking about the future of this ball team. Starting with the front office on down, some difficult decisions will have to be made. There's time enough to make some positional trades before the season is over. Time enough to shed some dead weight and heavy salaries. In terms of the talent gap, I'd start with the pitching. Bullpen in particular. Sure a couple of our starters have struggled at times. And the offensive numbers are down from last year. But it's our bullpen that has let the team down this season in a major way.
  4. Hey, whether you're a Twins fan or not, it's great to see an uncommon face on top of the division for once! Go Twins!
  5. Sure. If you're betting at Vegas, statistical averages matter in how you decide to put your money down. The Twins have had a rough patch in July and the talent they played had a lot to do with it. But there are factors beyond statistics. I agree to some extent with USAFChief when he says "HOW you play is a much bigger factor..." [than WHO you play]. It goes back to my original point. It's not WHO the twins bullpen is pitching to. It's HOW they're pitching to them. The "full count" comment made is a valid one. But I believe it comes down to the fact that the Twins bullpen just isn't good enoug
  6. So if anyone's been watching the Twins since the all star break, one thing is becoming brutally clear. They are on borrowed time when it comes to leading, and having any chance of ultimately winning, the division. Their recent losses to Oakland and the New York Yankees have exposed a major flaw in their chemistry that has been brewing since the season began. The bullpen. It was blatantly illustrated in the game last night against the Yanks when, despite building an early 6 run lead in the fourth, and then scoring 2 in the eighth to retake the lead they had lost in the top of the inning, th
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