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  1. Yup, I knew that you’d come at me to shut me up. You’re right; this isn’t my site. It was only popularised by ignorant shleps like me. If this site had been started with the “discussions” that you in particular personally work really hard to push, it would never have gotten off the ground. I’m tired of seeing your name come up every time me or another person disagrees with the thought-policing going on with this site. Enjoy tearing down everything you and others worked hard to build up.
  2. Given that this post and many of the comments have been spam-liked by all of the Top Dogs and the power posters who drive the culture discussions have all weighed in to support the post, I feel like I’m taking my life in my hands by even hinting at questioning it but sorry it feels like one of those people who take joy in telling other people “this is the new normal!!”. What has happened to society that we aren’t even allowed to enjoy simple pleasures like a sporting event?? What exactly is wrong with that?? Would it be possible to create a political/cultural issues page for everyone to comment on, so that all of us who JUST WANT TO ENJOY BASEBALL can live in peace? Probably too much to ask.....
  3. Ok....um, thanks for checking? I said “I hope” no one said it. I wasn’t calling anyone out; I was making a point that “I” didn’t think it was brave at all and “hoping” other people agreed. I have literally zero idea what point you were trying to make, other than saving me the effort of reading every post.
  4. I think they’ll stand pat. They’ve about 1000 guys on the IL; why bring in new people just to create a roster explosion when everyone comes back?
  5. Yes. If they actually lost something out of their protests, THAT would be brave. All the rest of this just can look like a phoney “me too” (not the movement, just the concept) show just to fit in with everyone else.
  6. Given the number of sporting events that had already been cancelled, the fact that the guys knew that the game was going to be made up anyway (baseball has doubleheaders and MLB had literally no choice but to go along with it or be savaged by the thought-police), and the fact that they were all going to be paid anyway, I sure hope that NO ONE in this thread is calling either the Twins or Tigers players “brave”. They literally were risking nothing with their decision. At best, they are copy-cats. At worst, they only made the decision to fit in with the rest of the boycotters. Pohlad donating $25M...sure he’ll write it off, but that was an actual, tangible, sacrifice.
  7. Fair enough. Probably unfair to get on Dobnak about something that is now endemic to modern baseball! i will say that the Cy Young will likely go to the guys who buck that trend - those guys are the real Aces....Scherzer, Cole, etc.
  8. Maybe when he pitches more than 5 innings or is able to strike out a few people? He finally pitched into the 6th this year and, three batters in, he (and Clippard) had to literally be saved by Rosario. The guy is pulled every game at the point where he hits the 3rd time through the lineup and he has 14 Ks in 25 innings. Rocco is one of the main reasons why he looks so good - he’s protecting him. I like that he is solid and reliable and unicorns sure are amazing to watch, but seriously this Cy Young talk has to stop. We saw it with the homers; if he isn’t dead on, people destroy his stuff. Given the Berrios has forgotten how to pitch, I’d love to just enjoy Dobnak notching some victories.
  9. Real fans will be nice. The virtual fans made for an odd experience.
  10. While I get the point of the article, and it’s fun to think about how silly conclusions can be made too early, #s 1-3 are solid observations because they might be right in the end.....4 and 5 better fit with the concept. Here are three more to fit with the other two: 6. Every game that the Twins play in will have one team score 10+ runs 7. The Twins don’t need Buxton, Odorizzi or Hill to win In 2020 8. Nelson Cruz will finish the season with more RBI than at least one team
  11. How about just allowing us to enjoy the partial 2020 season???
  12. Good article for next year....I really don’t want to hear how they are resting people with a 60 game schedule!
  13. This was a very informative posting - I loved the slime mold counterpoint! I’m so happy that real baseball is here, so that it can foster fine writing like this, because the articles across the last four months were hard to read...
  14. You beat me to the punch. Anyone saying “it’s only fault of Manfred and the owners” are being disingenuous. Of course both sides are playing each other - that’s how the business works! Also, referring to anything that Trevor Bauer says as an example of the Voice of Reason is tenuous at best. His track record speaks for itself and makes Manfred look like Gandhi.
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