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  1. Interesting. Last we saw McLeod, he couldn't get out of the 1st inning in the CWS.. Had a rough tournament
  2. Not surprising, but Cole's teammate Josh Reddick said he thinks Gerrit would like to head out west..Like everyone says, money talks, but id imagine those western teams would offer just as much, if not more than Minnesota.. Obviously not going out on a limb, but SS and Cole are pipe dreams..Wheeler seems like our best bet
  3. Maybin is a bum, probably should just keep his mouth shut..Hes well on his way to playing for every team in baseball
  4. Falvine said they would strike when the opportunity opened up..Well i think that time is now to put your money where your mouth is.. I think the Twins window in the Central is at least open for a few years.. As bad as this team has been against the Yankees, we arent far away from being a real contender..Starts with getting a solid arm or two
  5. He said he would like to stay so we will see if the feeling is mutual and what is out there for him
  6. Huge props to Jake Odorizzi, kept the team in the game and has given them every chance to come back..should have only been 1 run so far
  7. Pretty much a guarantee that Odo is brought back with an extension right??
  8. Had Severino on the ropes a few times and backed off each time..been an awful series
  9. Have we had more than 1 home game in a series at Target Field? I believe this is only #2 right..sucks because the fans brought it tonight..Another one and done at home possibly
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