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  1. There’s absolutely no reason Archer is starting over Smeltzer. I don’t see any value in what archer has given the team this year.
  2. Chapman and Kimbrel will receive HOF votes when all is said and done. Pagan has never and will never be any good. Your comparison is embarrassing
  3. But Pagan’s last 11 innings…he turned a corner. never learn. He needs to be DFAd
  4. But Pagan’s last 11 innings were so good…
  5. Even the worst relievers get the job done more often than not. They all go through streaks. He will blow up again shortly. Absolute guarantee. Teams like the Yankees or Dodgers would have DFAd him ages ago. I understood before the deadline because they didn’t have anyone better but now they have better and they’re demoting them to AAA because they won’t move on. Newsflash to the Twins- you still need to win the division. It’s not being handed to them.
  6. Still fail to understand some of the roster decisions. Moran has been an asset in the pen lately, yet they want to keep Duffey and Pagan instead. I understand they’d have to DFA them, but all the analytics show they’re both just bad pitchers. And Archer starting over Smeltzer who has a quality start in 6 of 10 starts. Archer won’t record a quality start all year. Once again I realize they would have to DFA but he provides such negative value as a starter. Move him to the pen or cut bait! Of course they’d have to move on from Duffey or Pagan for that to happen. Rocco continues to believe Pagan has been one of the best relievers in baseball the last few years.
  7. Nice to see buxton in the lineup. he’s missed a higher percentage of games since receiving the injection. At least he got to play in the AS game…
  8. I don’t understand pointing to his inconsistency by showing his results as a starter. Sounds like the teams he was on did a poor job recognizing he wasn’t starter material. he’s held Yankees hitters to a .309 OPS this year. That’s all that matters to me
  9. 1 top 100 prospect and some average guys. Falvey will claim how overpriced that was.
  10. imagine landing the best free agent and then doing absolutely nothing else outside of replacing Berrios with Gray and thinking that’s good enough when the pitching was a mess last year and then just giving up at the trade deadline. Yes, I know the farm is an injured mess right now but they put themselves in this spot 2 years in a row now. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me for thinking it may be better. They don’t deserve a third try.
  11. That’s my point. Most of the major pieces are hurt and ineffective also and acquiring a frontline starter and great reliever will put them in the bottom third of all farm systems. I’d be all in for Mahle or a reliever with control.
  12. It’s over. Falvine will acquire 1 or 2 bottom tier relievers with good sliders and Cleveland and Chicago will blast past us. And honestly maybe it’s a good idea not to make any big deals. Farm system is currently a mess. Most of the prospects are hurt or majorly ineffective this year. Do they blow up what’s rest of it to try and win a playoff series? Ryan isn’t winning a playoff game. They have two good relievers and Gray. No other starters should pitch in the playoffs as a starter. If they acquire 1 good starter and 2-3 good relievers it will wreck the farm. Is that worth it to have a 50-50 chance to win 1 playoff series and get obliterated in the second round? It’s so stupid that they can’t win with Correa but this team is not accomplishing anything significant in the playoffs outside of maybe winning their first playoff game which is only an accomplishment for Minnesota.
  13. Hopelessly lost. Never want to see him swing a bat again.
  14. Embarrassing to me how many twins fans are defending this. Saw a couple posters on mlbtr mentioning how strange our fan base is for praising his all star HR over what happens during the season. dodgers, Yankees, Red Sox fans would never take that crap and team reporters would destroy them, and then there’s twins and mariners fans ecstatic that their best players are missing the games that count because they did so well in a glorified scrimmage and talent show when their teams are just hanging onto playoffs hopes. twins were one game up on Cleveland at the break. Just shows where Buxton and Rocco’s heads are at and likely why that duo will never bring Minnesota close to a title
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