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  1. I honestly don't think Buxton wants to sign an extension right now unless healthy. He just put up 2.7 WAR in 27 games. He's getting close to returning and wants to show he's healthy and can absolutely dominate longer than 27 games. If he can, his price goes up a ton. Are the twins content waiting for that? Buxton's value is up for his career right now, but is it crazy high as some people are saying? No I don't think so. I think it can be a lot higher by the end of the year. His hip injury is now 100% gone instead of the 90% it was when he came back and he's just waiting for his hand to heal from a freak HBP. I truly don't think he wants an extension right now. He's betting on himself the rest of the season. The Twins should hold and allow him to bet on himself here, but we'll see. It seems they want a cheap extension or a massive trade haul (neither of which are likely to happen)
  2. What's crazy to me is that if healthy the Twins would never be able to afford Buxton, but injured they offered max of 80 million over 7 years. I bet there's 25 other teams in MLB that would immediately offer that. Nobody can know if he'll ever stay healthy enough, but I think it's a guarantee right now that if he is he's an MVP candidate. The fact that the Twins would be ok with this and offer less money than most competitors would is just mind blowing to me. We can't be sure of anything until a move is made or not made, but it sure seems that 80 Million was their max which is so very sad.
  3. I’m sorry but I stopped reading after reading Drew Maggi, 32 year old minor leaguer having a career year.
  4. Sigh. Twins hitters seem more worried about taking a walk then getting a big hit. Can't believe Polanco and Gordon took those pitches. Does Gordon not realize Ben "Can't hit" Rorvedt is behind him?
  5. I think they could retool, but it will take some good free agent signings. Let's look at starting pitching free agency from last year. Twins signed Happ and Shoemaker which has been a mess. Here were some low cost free agents that have had good years. Charlie Morton, Kevin Gausman, Anthony Desclafani, Rich Hill, Carlos Rodon, Taijuan Walker, Corey Kluber, Alex Wood. They're out there, but the Twins aren't getting them.
  6. 52 runs in 53 innings. No other MLB team would have hung onto him as long as the Twins did. Front office is starting to seem no different than Terry Ryan
  7. I think everyone is all just very annoyed right now because this was supposed to be a fun season, it's been the exact opposite of fun and Buxton, one of the few players who still gives us joy is not playing.
  8. How is the number 1 option unattractive? Rogers last pitched 3 days ago and just threw 3 pitches. There was no logical sense in removing him knowing you had to find someone for the last 2 innings
  9. I don’t know how anyone could defend Rocco ever again after this one. Even the players are likely losing faith. No sane person would ever remove a 3 days tested Rogers after a dominant 3 pitches for Shoemaker. rocco has this ridiculous notion that if the twins are losing by even 1 run the game is likely over and he can’t use his best relievers. Well nice job idiot, this entire loss was on you.
  10. I agree. I haven't watched much lately. Buxton back should give me something to watch again, but I kind of need the Twins to get through Summer. AZ Summers are like MN Winter. Long and awful.
  11. So we've been told that Buxton is going to play in St Paul Saturday and I just don't get it. I know that players used to go on even longer rehab assignments and I understand the worry about re-injury here, but this is Buxton. Anyone who thinks he's going to put less on the field in St Paul than Minneapolis is crazy! First AB he legs out a triple instead of playing it safe with a double. Then he hits 2 HRs, has an OF assist and runs all over the field with that awful AAA pitcher giving up 10 runs. If he's healthy enough for that he's healthy enough for the Twins. And if he's going to get re-injured he'll do so no matter what ballpark and what team he's playing for because he always gives 110% effort. That's who the man is. There is no hope for playoffs anymore, but we have a home game after a dramatic win and a chance to get fans excited again and keep them coming to games and they're not taking that chance.
  12. I hate the Yankees with every fiber of my being. As a MN sports fan of all MN teams there isn't a team that comes close in my hatred. The announcers, fans, and the baseball world for praising them champs every preseason. And it continues with jerks like Michael Kay telling Gerrit Cole to break Donaldson's ribs. There's no place in the game for this trash and that includes Duffey throwing at Mercedes. Don't like the actions of another player? Show him up by beating him as a pitcher or hitter. Embarrassing that no one can take any criticisms. And yankees fans lap it up. The way they just think they every other team is so inferior because of their history and that anyone who doesn't want to play for them is a loser is ridiculous. I hope they never win another World Series and I've enjoyed every year since 2009 watching them not win. I hope the Twins break the curse someday, but that is not today. At the very least let's show the MLB that Cole is human without his sticky crap.
  13. Seems more like he's loafing around because he's making big bucks now. This entire situation will set the Twins back to the Terry Ryan days once again. Finally they pay big money and this is the bum they get. AAA players would provide more value simply because they know how to hustle and won't be injured 24/7. Sadly, the Twins will not be back next year. It's going to be a long time before they're good again
  14. Next 13 games are against Royals and Orioles. Royals are hanging around, but both these teams are bad. If they can't win 9 of 13, this season is basically over. We will see.
  15. I was planning on writing more, but you covered it so perfectly I don't have to. This is 100% the truth.
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