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  1. I really hope they can convince him to stick in the pen starting next year. Twins options with him are elite reliever or number 5 starter.
  2. Firing the hitting coaches is a must. 6 hits in 2 games, lol I know there’s some first base sluggers available in free agency. I thought I’d feel better about the twins playoff effort, but when all 3 other road teams are about to move on to the championship series, it just makes me wonder if anything will ever change. Reminds me far too much of the Wild series last year.
  3. For Kiriloff, It’s the same shoulder that’s been bugging him for months. Rocco said he got to the point where he couldn’t even swing a bat. With Solano healthy, what that actually means, I do not know.
  4. They swing like David Spade and Jon Heder from the benchwarmers when there are runners on base
  5. These first 3 innings is every twins game over the entire streak.
  6. Hardly bad luck. They’re not facing Oakland and LAA’s 6 ERA pitchers anymore.
  7. Like I said earlier this week, kepler and Polanco are solid players and can help you win games but they’re not guys that are going to win you the games that matter. Hope they prove me wrong
  8. You cannot get 3 baserunners in an inning and fail to score. Wake up bats
  9. Yup, kinda figured that would be how it might go Negative twins fans are back
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