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    Sadly I will be negative until they do something to change that. No faith over here
  2. I tend to agree on the Arraez thing. He's also extremely overmatched by lefties. Career SLG under .300 against them. .734 OPS and everyone screams that he's one of the best hitters they've ever seen. He's so close to Ben Revere just with no speed and better walk numbers. Revere had almost 5 consecutive .300 seasons with .298 being the only one of those years under .300.
  3. Now correct me if I am wrong, because I did not watch the game, but I've heard others mention that John Smoltz in the booth had mentioned that he was shaking his arm after 6 or 7 consecutive pitches and that it was very easy to see something was wrong and that no one from the Twins dugout came out to check on him. If true, this is ridiculous. If Smoltz notices then every coach on the Twins should have noticed. Are the coaches just sleepwalking through the remainder of the season?
  4. Sure, but he was completely obliterated by the Royals, Tigers and Mariners (3 of the top 10 worst offenses in baseball in 4 of his last 8 Twins starts. I just don't trust the Twins braintrust anymore. After trading away guys like Wade and Gil etc and dumping Wisler who's been dominant again with the Rays. The Giants told him stop throwing the Slider so much and the Rays let him do what he did so well last year. They just continue to make terrible decisions and free agents they sign come in and have the worst season of their careers.
  5. Tiny sample size, but in 2 starts with the Cardinals, Happ 11 innings, 6 Hits, 3 ERs. Maybe Shoemaker has a point about the over reliance on analytics. Curious to see if the Giants bring him up at some point this season.
  6. I honestly think the Twins ownership is terrified to give away money to tell someone to leave. I think they want to milk any sort of productivity possible out of these guys. There's no other way to explain guys like Shoemaker and Happ (still no clue how they got someone to trade for him) and now Simmons being on the roster as long as they have.
  7. It's time for him to go after his latest twitter post today. His views are completely contradictory of the organizations. These posts all came after he caused the Covid shutdown as OP mentioned. This has to be the last straw with him. If they don't DFA him today, then they won't.
  8. At two separate points in the season this year (not early either) the Twins have had two different pitchers be dead last in ERA among MLB. It's not the fact that Shoemaker and Happ have been so awful that floors me the most, it's that management and coaching just won't seem to give up on them. They just can't handle the idea of losing a few million dollars. This alone should cause people to be weary of management. This team is still run by penny pinchers and the Pohlad's are a very large part of that issue.
  9. I guess good that you're a Minnesota fan then, This mindset though is the reason why Minnesota teams and ownership has been able to get away with mediocrity for so long. They utilize "Minnesota Nice" to their advantage
  10. They would have won if Rocco utilized the rest of his pen instead of having relievers Burrows and Minaya throw 108 pitches combined.
  11. I'm sorry that you've become so numb to Minnesota teams losing that a few HRs are a "fun time". Any Twins fan could have managed that pitching staff to a win today.
  12. So they're thinking of trading Duffey, Coloumbe and Thielbar? Why is it that Rocco yanks starters so quickly when pitching well, but relievers can go out and throw 30, 40, sometimes 50 pitches and that's not an issue? The way he manages a game is so inconsistent. If I was a hitter on that team right now I would be pissed at Rocco right now. He did not try and win this game today, And they should have. Polanco's HR should have been a walkoff. I don't understand how we're supposed to have fun when we have a manager who seems to daily make in game decisions that hurt the team's chances to win games.
  13. I had my issues with Gardy. I had my issues with Molitor. I can't begin to explain how many issues I have with Rocco. I can't speak for anything outside of in-game managerial decisions as well as roster management, but he makes decisions that no manager in the world would make. Rocco will not bring this team to a championship. It's completely blasphemous how dumb he is. Throughout my life as a Minnesota sports fan, I don't think there's been any manager less qualified to be a manager in my life. I honestly believe that many die hard fans would in game manage this team better than Rocco can. You can't sit their and tell me no one should have been warming in that situation. You can't tell me that a tired Minaya is a better option than Duffey, Coloumbe and Thielbar.
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