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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Had no idea he was on the IL. Saw no writers mention it at all the past few days. Seems like most Twins writers have checked out at this point
  2. Does anyone know where Varland is right now? He pitched on the 7th and as far as I can tell hasn’t pitched anywhere since. Rocco cannot still be under the assumption that Archer is better, right?
  3. Rocco has never been shy about underworking starters and overworking the pen
  4. When they lose this one 7-6, it’s entirely on Rocco for trying to get more out of Bundy tonight. 12 hits…
  5. Wish the twins broadcasters would get annoyed every once in a while, but they’re all in the Pohlad’s pockets
  6. Arraez wasn’t given any chance to swing at anything there. I’m all with you on your RBI beliefs but what a weird take
  7. Does anyone believe Megill will finish this off? I bet he gets the loss. just a terrible overall game
  8. Career 5.4 walks per 9 innings minor and majors and he swings at the first pitch not in the zone. It’s incredible how bad he is in these situations.
  9. Are you kidding me Correa? Guy has no control and you hack at first pitch out of the zone. Just amazing
  10. Just down the middle to Gary on every strike and horribly late on all
  11. He’s in the bottom 5% for chase rate. Not surprising
  12. Duran just pitched around 3 errors without giving up a run. Amazing
  13. That is 100% on Watkins. Celestino slowed up like he should. He’s not looking at the RF. Watkins should be fired immediately and should have already
  14. Regardless of who the twins 3rd base coach is, they’ve always been a closet Yankees fan
  15. Number 8 and 9 batters continue to have the best stats against the twins than any other team. Gleeman showed the stats a while back and they had a near .700 ops
  16. Yup, Bremer was just talking about that one as well. I have fond memories of Kubel because of that.
  17. Watching Yankees fans rise and cheer with one strike to go knowing they’ll continue to cheer once the AB is over has to be so demoralizing. The twins have never and will never shut them up.
  18. Why pitch to him with the lineup being what it is? It just doesn’t make any sense.
  19. Anyone who gives up a HR to IKF should just end their career right there
  20. Anyone who gives up a HR to IKF should just end their career right there
  21. Hard to believe Rocco’s spreadsheets didn’t say “pitch around Judge with men on”
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