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  1. He’s earned himself a hefty pay bump. I just hope it’s from the Twins.
  2. I can refer you to me earlier umpire posts to get you caught up on this guy
  3. That was 8pm Kirk. Don’t you dare talk about 1pm Kirk like that.
  4. Is this a Kirk Gibson moment? Roy Hobbs? Or is Buck going to make his own definition?
  5. Eh… the Bomba Squad is looking like a fluke. The Tigers, under his watch this year, finished with over 100 runs fewer than we did this year.
  6. I didn’t expect the entire lineup to channel their inner playoff Shane Mack…
  7. If this team is serious I cannot see how Popkins is on the staff next year
  8. That wasn’t strike 3. Easily 3” off the plate. I’m not mad at Kepler, but I’m pissed at this umpire.
  9. I’m torn between an early bedtime or drinking myself into next week at this point
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