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  1. I would love to know as well... I kind of assumed it was a hybrid role of chief player morale officer, uber coordinator / go-between for the other coaches and coordinators, and someone for the manager to bounce ideas off of. If anyone actually knows the answer I would love to hear it because its the most ambiguous coaching position in all of spots.
  2. Not a fair comparison. Rowson was the Miami bench coach, not their hitting coach.
  3. one step closer to the #1 draft pick next year.
  4. What’s with all the Rage Against the Machine in the stadium this year? Haven’t the players made a case for nothing but Primus based on their play?
  5. Colome is only kidding himself if he thinks any club is dumb enough to sign him to any professional baseball contract.
  6. I hate this. I just tuned in, saw it was 5-3, Colome pitching, and a runner on and I tell myself “ I’m going to get to see the twins hit”…
  7. I'm late to the party on this discussion but I'm not upset or perplexed by the offer, the rejection, and the whole situation. when he's healthy Buxton is one of if not the best at his position in the game. There's a reason we have the record we do when he's in the lineup. The problem is that going back to his initial call-up in 2015 he's barely been able to play in 50+% of the games. The Twins offer may be considered low, but I'm also not faulting them for not wanting to overpay for a player they know cannot stay healthy. They want him back, and if the reports that there were incentives throughout the contract are true then I think the FO is doing the right thing for the franchise. It sucks, but if the two sides can't figure this out then the best and most risk-averse thing to do is trade him now.
  8. been waiting weeks for the trades to start. Sad to see Cruz go but I came to terms with this probably happening weeks ago. At least he’s going to a solid contender and a team I don’t hate.
  9. I’m not even watching the game. This is about as bad of an exit out of the all-star gate that any team can possibly make. My anticipation is just going to build up over the next 2 weeks as I see who we trade away, who we acquire, and analyze it the future potential of what we just traded for as I slip in to a coma of I don’t care for the last 2 months of the regular season.
  10. Did Kaat really just say that the baseball draft is "unconstitutional"???
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