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  1. Maybe this was all part of their mad genius plan... get by on B-rate (at best) pitching, maintain club control on the young staff, and call them up when its obvious we're not competing this year to give them the extra reps before next season.
  2. I understand we need something to talk about, but this sums up my mentality on the season....
  3. Its going to be interesting, dare I say watchable, if we ever get everyone healthy. This season has either been a comedy of misfortune on player health, or a clear indication that whatever it is that the training staff is doing - they are doing it wrong.
  4. Last night was the exception, not the norm. I have to think that the Yankees fans are more embarrassed / confused than anything we might be feeling.
  5. In just over 5 minutes of real time. This wasn't some long drawn-out comeback. This happened fast
  6. I’ve lost my ability to be disappointed with the players. I’m now focussing all of my attention at the front office and I’m going to be incredibly disappointed if I don’t see “Twins fire…” article this week.
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