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  1. Not sure what game he's watching... Leon had to run 10 ft up the line to get it
  2. Just tuned in to see Fulmer give up the single, an awful throw by Cave, and a nearly disastrous throw to third...
  3. That makes too much logical sense… and that speaks to Rocco’s style. Everything is always shuffled around and we wonder why the players can’t produce consistently. Maybe if they played consistently there would be some consistency in the fielding and the hitting. I would rather see everyone grinding under a division title is locked up, then we can look at some rest days to get prepped for the playoffs. Instead, we’re squandering our chances of making it in.
  4. I have no idea what a sliding lane is. And neither do those mlb donkeys in New York.
  5. Pagan is in the same boat as Duffey. He’s a/another bad outing away from being demoted as well
  6. Thankfully it doesn't impede me streaming from the east coast
  7. It’s not great but this is hardly their (entire) fault. They cant predict injuries and they should be livid with the staff for not taking care of AK, Buck we could have predicted just because and we had the backups ready to go (Gordon, Celestino, Garlick). Add in losing Kep and Garlick to injuries, and Celestino to the paternity list (I think that’s why…) and you get the outfield that Rocco presents to us tonight. This is the culmination of a lot of sh*t gone sideways the last few weeks.
  8. Compared to our current bullpen situation Rogers would still be an upgrade.
  9. I have even more appreciation for him now that I've seen what the pitching staff has done without him in the lineup. I think he calls a better game and has more of a connection with the staff than many give him credit for.
  10. First thing I thought of when I saw the Rogers trade news this morning... although its unlikely they are giving up anything unless they improve the closer situation. So, unless they are looking specifically for a right-handed closer (which we happen to have at the moment) I dont see that happening. Just wish we could roll-back time and nix the Rogers trade in the first place.
  11. I’m so conflicted about last night. On one hand the pitching staff stepped up huge last night and kept things manageable, and clutch hitting late in the game. On the other hand: - we shouldn’t need to walk off against the Tigers - 7 innings of anemic offense will NOT cut it. Not in a pennant race - Miranda is going to need a lot of time in the training room because his back has got to be killing him while he’s carrying the team
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