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  1. The season is lost. Why not let Winder work through that? This is a meaningless game and he needs work.
  2. Keep him for now. Maybe ink another team friendly extension in the off-season. Worst case is that no extension is signed and he's a summer rental trade chip next season in the event we are sellers. There are worse situations we can be in.
  3. On a competitive ball club these two have the traits of guys that help make a good team great, and make the lineup great from 1-9 in the order. On the Twins though, they are the marquee players. But just imagine for a moment where the entirety of the Twins stayed healthy this season*. I think we stay a lot more competitive throughout the year, and given the strength of the central we probably win it by 10-15 games, easy. Guys like Arraez and Miranda become the anecdotes in the season that help push this team to the division championship, and not the reason we hope to stay competitive... If I'm in the front office there are of course things I'm looking to change / pick-up in the off season to re-tool the pitching staff. But I'm also taking a very hard look at the strength, conditioning, and the medical staff. The amount of injuries that happened this year, and the way many continued to find themselves hampered by those injuries (not playing up to expectations, heading back to the IL, etc) tells me that something is really not right with the way the players are being handled. I'm also focusing on off-season conditioning so that these scheduled rest days that Rocco loves so much don't have to happen in the first place. * Except for Buxton. I honestly believe he's always going to find a way to get injured and miss extended playing time every season. At some point you have to look at the history and know that this is a predictable pattern and not some unlucky trend. In 8 season, he's only managed to play more than 92 games ONCE, and that was 5 years ago. If he can just get to the first tier of his plate appearance bonus next year I'll take that as significant progress.
  4. This collapse continues. The team already made the point that they weren’t a contender but now they are really trying to emphasize it.
  5. This has been a slow death since the all-star game, arguably even before then. Very unfortunate with the injuries this season and it didn't feel like we were ever healthy and at full strength at any point this season. The pitching was a massive disappointment - no way to sugar coat that. Very few bright spots this season outside of Arraez continuing to do what he does, and the arrival of Miranda. Outside of those two the hitting has been atrocious. Some have called it AAAA players... we have a lot of starters that would be a utility player or 4th outfielder on most clubs. Correa hasn't played to his salary whatsoever and I really hope he can find a home elsewhere to save us some cash, or maybe we can trick some club into a trade and pickup something... anything to restock the farm. Rant over, and so is the season.
  6. So this is basically it for the Twins this weekend. A strong showing (wining 4 or 5) is going to make the last couple weeks really watchable. Anything short of that pretty much eliminates us unless there is a monumental collapse in Cleveland.
  7. Remember they are playing us. Every Yankees player gets an instant +.250 batting average buff when hitting against Twins pitching.
  8. Why can’t we have nice things? Why do we have to make things so difficult?
  9. Hey Lopez. Maybe stop throwing in the top right corner for now. You have squat for control tonight.
  10. I don’t think anyone is complaining about the current defense. During the last 3 series (10 games total, excluding tonight) we have scored 3 or fewer runs in 8 of those games, and 2 or fewer in 4 games. In the games we lost, the average run difference was 2.5. I don’t see Hamilton saving 3 runs a game by himself while contributing next to nothing on offense.
  11. Rocco needs to remind Celestino and Leon that baseballs don’t hit themselves.
  12. Low risk move, but what does he add to the actual squad? We already have a speedy outfielder with great D that’s struggling to hit (and injured, again) and two others that are floating around the same batting average. If they add him to help platoon with Buxton and Kepler that’s fine I guess, I’m just concerned more about who would have to be sent down to make room on the roster for the moment.
  13. That stat on Buxton is losing its effect at least on offense. .1 additional runs a game is nothing. Apparently we are just as good on offense with him as we are without him. His difference making is in the field. Captain Obvious, out.
  14. The way Kepler has been hitting lately he needs to lean in to that pitch and take his base.
  15. im not sure which is more shocking: the Twins scoring 9 runs, or Pagan pitching not one but two scoreless innings.
  16. I just don’t get why Archer is allowed to have the mechanics he has. There is obviously a world of inconsistency in his delivery that no decent club would allow past single A ball. I understand what I’m about to say may sound rhetorical but is this really the best we can do?
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