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  1. I've been known for bad advice. When I'm hot, I'm hot though.
  2. Haven't really checked in on Baez this season cause I haven't thought of him. I realize why now. That contract not looking good.
  3. Just catching up with the action. Question for the universe, is that where Buck is just going to start parking his homers now?
  4. I think the question of the day has to be, will the Tigers actually pitch to Nelly?
  5. New defensive strategy by Rocco. Instead of running 4 infielders and 3 outfielders, we're running 7 infielders and just getting ground balls.
  6. Bad enough that if they did offer him back, not sure the twins would actually take him
  7. Hold up, is this some terrible flip flop pun? Phillip Flop or something like that?
  8. Nelson Cruz hit 2 Grand Slams in one inning
  9. I’ll accept some slowdowns if they get it right. Admittedly, basketball not my favorite sport so I’ll take your word for it
  10. To be fair, I’m not a fan of a limited number of challenges per game anyway. Why should a team be punished if you have terrible officiating that screws up multiple calls per game AND then screws up the review? I’m of the opinion that if a call is obviously messed up it should be reversed. Kinda like how the NHL does goals. Andres Gallaraga would have a perfect game in that case
  11. I don’t have enough to put on Rocco to make it worth it
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