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  1. I'm kinda glad Eddie stays in Central. He had a lot of fans here and now they'll get to see him again. Have no doubt the Eddie Rosario fan club out in the LF bleachers will be happy to see him
  2. "The Twins didn’t trade for Blake Snell. Or Yu Darvish. Or Joe Musgrove....or Sonny Gray. Or Luis Castillo...."
  3. I love this move. Have loved Simmons for years. This is gonna help the pitching without much, if any, sacrifice offensively. Two of Simmons, Polanco and Arraez starts in the middle infield. I also love the ide'a of having Arraez available as a pinch hitter when he doesn't start.
  4. Rosenthal's stuff is just mesmerizing. It could backfire, but I think he elevates the bullpen more than Hand.
  5. Still think Odorizzi would look good in the #4 hole
  6. Can we just establish a rule in here that there be no further mention of "Matt Capps"?! LOL
  7. This is like the conversation of how the Twins blew it by letting David Ortiz go. Ortiz went unclaimed....so EVERY team blew it on him. Hendriks has been readily available many times and EVERY team blew it on him as well.
  8. Until I was 20 years old, there was basically one way to follow the Twins.....Herb Carneal on WNAX Yankton, SD. Some of my best memories involve me, my dad and my grandpa while the Twins were on the radio. Now I live close enough to attend a few games (only a few b/c I can't afford more than that). I can certainly enjoy being outside with Corey and Danny on the radio.
  9. I'd guess the 2B is currently on the roster...is it Arraez or Polanco remains to be seen. Don't see the FO spending money to bring in a LF with young guys appearing ready to go and there being bigger needs on the pitching staff. Not entirely comfortable with the bullpen quite yet...would love to see on more legit, established option. And, of course, we're ALL hoping for an addition to the rotation.
  10. I love me some Ryan Jeffers. The kid checks all the boxes and passes the eye test. He and Garver should make a terrific tandem behind the plate, even if Garver settles somewhere between 2019 Good Mitch and 2020 Bad Mitch.
  11. The Bruno for Herr trade was plain heartbreaking for a kid sill riding high after the '87 championship run. Might have made sense on paper, but one of the things that stood out with the '87 Twins was their chemistry. Taking Bruno out of the equation naturally affected that. That said, purely from a baseball perspective, I disliked the Ramos for Capps and Ryan-Murphy for Hicks trades a lot more.
  12. I trust Derek Falvey. I trust Thad Levine. I trust Wes Johnson. If they think they can turn him around, a minor league deal is the way to go.
  13. As always, it's about weighing the potential production with the cost. If it's 1yr/$6mil, I say yes, please!
  14. #22) Never take out your best pitcher after 75 pitches when he's cruising!
  15. I think Ted speaks for a large part of Twins Territory.
  16. The whole thing is just a microcosm of what's wrong with MLB.
  17. I love this kind of stuff. Thanks Cody. Only position I don't really see is Donaldson at 3B. How about a healthy Buxton stays in CF and Lewis is at 3B?!
  18. Polanco simply doesn't have the arm to play 3B, as a utility or otherwise. Put me squarely in the camp that has Semien at SS (no need to deal top prospects), Polanco at 2B and Arraez dealt for pitching help.
  19. I like Dick. It's tough to work with that many analysts, but he's SO good to working to each one's strengths during broadcasts. On a side note, his book is a good read for any long-time Twins fan.
  20. I'm not an expert, but I really liked what I saw of Ryan Jeffers. If Garver can just meet somewhere in the middle of 2019 Good Mitch and 2020 Bad Mitch, they will have one of the top catching situations in MLB.
  21. I love Astudillo for what he is. HOWEVER, Falvine and Rocco should do all they can to make sure he never catches a full big league game.
  22. How about Semien for two years as a FA and trade Arraez and prospect(s) for pitching help?
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