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  1. The Twins have a relatively decent chance to finish the season in second place, which is absurd. 

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    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      @bighat Yeah, Cleveland has gone into a bit of a freefall after losing basically their entire rotation, the biggest strength of the team. It was to be expected, I suppose.

    3. bighat


      RpR - I did look last week and saw that the Twins were the best of all last place teams, however they'd still be in last place in every single division with their record. So the Central has the best last-place team at the time, if that makes sense.

      S'pose it's moot now that the Twins are on the upswing. Funny how KC, which has looked like a much better team than Minnesota while playing the Twins, can't seem to beat anyone else.

    4. old nurse

      old nurse

      The Twins have plenty of games left with the teams in the chase for second place.. There can be a quite a change in positions if a team has motivation. There is no reasonable shot to make up that many games in the loss column and leapfrog three teams. Making up 9 more losses than the GUARDIANS is not reasonable.

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