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    Grew up in Roseville, MN. Saw my first Twins games as a kid with my grandmother during the 1961 inaugural season. My mother didn't throw away my baseball cards, so I still have quite a collection from 1961-1965.

    Studied Chinese language in college, entire life in international business.

    All of us have great Twins memories. I remember boarding a plane for Russia when game 6 of the 1987 World Series seemed hopeless, and landed to news of a victory. Was sitting at a restaurant in a remote city in China during game 6 of the 1991 series, calling my parents very 5 minutes. My mom told me she wouldn't answer unless something happened. 3 or 4 calls later, she answered: "Kirby hit a home run!!!!"

    I now work in China but have a condo in Minneapolis. Flex 40 season tickets, so expect to see 10 games this year. The Twins Daily is a great tool for me to check in daily.
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    International business, major US multinational.


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    Multicultural opportunities, astronomy, Twins and Wolves

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  1. Just noticed your message, that you are now in Hartford. In terms of living "afar", I have a few more miles -- grew up in Roseville, now live in Beijing, China!

  2. From White Bear Lake originally, now living outside of Hartford, Connecticut (about a 20 minute drive from Rock Cats stadium).

  3. Twins fan from afar. How far?

  4. Reacting to the Terry Doyle questions, sometimes these long lists don't make a lot of sense because we're combining "readiness" with "long term potential". I'd like to see those who rank prospects move to a "9 box matrix". On one axis would be readiness for major leagues: ready now, ready in 1-2 years, or ready in 3-5 years. On the other axis would be potential contribution at major leagues level: high potential, solid major leaguer, or marginal. Using Terry Doyle as example since some asked about him: my guess is that Aaron would rank him as "ready now" or within "1-2 years", but "marginal" major leaguer.
  5. Good comments, but typo in 5th paragraph, wrong name: "Mackey asked Gardenhire about Burroughs..." (not Valencia)
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