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Offseason Live Replay: Twins Sign Cruz and Colomé

A slow-moving offseason received a major jolt this week as the Twins re-signed beloved DH Nelson Cruz and added former White Sox closer Alex Colomé on back-to-back days.


On Offseason Live Wednesday night, we shared our initial reactions and thoughts.On this special episode of Offseason Live, just hours after the Colomé signing came to light, I was joined by Matthew Taylor and David Youngs. We discussed the return of Cruz, the addition of a key bullpen arm, and what the Twins might do yet to address remaining needs. You can watch the episode below:



Tune into future live broadcasts on Twins Daily's Twitter, Facebook, or YouTube page. It's an interactive show where viewers help steer the conversation via comments and questions. You can also always catch episodes via audio by subscribing to our podcast.


Check out previous episodes of Offseason Live and see what's upcoming:


Ep 1:

(Thurs, 10/8)

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(Tues, 10/13)

Ep 3:

(Thurs, 10/15)

Ep 4:

(Tues, 10/20)

Ep 5:

(Thurs, 10/22)

Ep 6:

(Tues, 10/27)

Ep 7:

(Thurs, 10/29)

Ep 8:

(Thurs, 11/5)

Ep 9:

(Thurs, 11/12)

Ep 10:

(Tues, 11/17)

Ep 11:

(Weds, 12/2)

Ep 12:

(Weds, 12/16)

Ep 13:

(Weds, 12/30)

Ep 14:

(Weds, 1/6)

Ep 15:

(Tues, 1/12)

Ep 16:

(Mon, 1/25)

Ep 17:

(Tues, 1/26)

Ep 18:

(Weds, 2/3)


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