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Zucker Trade


Doesn't look like anyone posts in here anymore, but it's worth a shot :)


I think the trade works out pretty even for both teams. Wild got a good pick and a good prospect (and Galchenyuk can be gone after the season). Zucker will do well as a complimentary player in Pittsburgh.




@OhHiTony on Twitter posted that if the picks stayed as they are right now, it would be as many top 40 picks as they've had (combined) since 2016.

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I haven't read anything on the trade yet but I could tell something was up. I could see he hasn't had his heart in it the last few games and I figured it had something to do with trade talks. Jason hasn't been himself lately and its been frustrating. It seems like there were a couple guys who just weren't with it the last couple weeks. Zucker and Staul haven't been themselves and it probably had something to do with trade talks. Also I know everyone loves Dubnic but he's been terrible. I'm sure it has to do with his wifes situation which is a real bummer. Hope she's doing good. Looks like we can kiss the playoffs good bye for this year. 

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I kind of got that feeling, too. It seemed like the more he was in trade talks, the further down his game went. I imagine it's really hard to not avoid that kind of thing, though. Tough to keep your head in the game when you could be moving a thousand miles away.


I read that they will still be around in the summer, so that's good. They do a lot for the area.



Hopefully Galchenyuk can help the Wild out for the rest of the season. If they aren't going to tank, I hope they get up to the first Wild Card spot, and play someone from the Pacific. I like their odds vs. that division better.

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