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  1. But the other 26-28 teams don't extend the GM, Head Coach, and QB. They keep looking for that right combination. I'm not angry at the results, per se. I'm angry that they've seen the peak that this group can collectively offer, which is mediocrity, and decided that is good enough.
  2. But you previously said Zimmer is a good head coach, which is it? This team has accomplished nothing in the entire tenure of Spielman/Zimmer! I would agree that Zimmer is the culprit over Spielman, if forced to choose one. But then again, what forward thinking GM lets all of his cornerbacks leave, and pays big money to a running back in 2020? Explain what Cook has contributed this season?
  3. If ownership, the front office, and the head coach have all been in place for several years, and they are all very good at their roles, as you suggest, then why have they not accomplished anything? Surely someone must be to blame?
  4. Luckily I won't have to watch any of it. When they made a clear commitment to mediocrity (or even worse?!), I realized I have way better and more important things to care about. Maybe someday, when they realize that Zimmer and Spielman are never taking this team anywhere, I'll come back. But, I doubt it!
  5. The day there are ties in baseball will be the day that I, sadly, can no longer be a fan of the game I love.
  6. I don't believe that is common, no. I know many Twins affiliates rely on charity housing from private citizens.
  7. No hatred. They should keep testing anything they think might work. I was responding to a post where you claimed it works, and we simply don't know that yet. We need controlled tests to see if it actually does work, or if it is simply coincidental that some people who took it got better. I assume some people who ate a ham sandwich also recovered, but that doesn't mean we can say with confidence that ham sandwiches work against covid19.
  8. Correlation does not equal causation. Anectodal cases of people getting better, while also taking hydroxychloroquine, mean pretty much absolutely nothing without larger sample sizes, and controlled studies.
  9. The study was either wrong, or you misremembered it. Of course a heavier bat will hit a ball further at the same bat speed than a lighter bat, it's basically physics 101.
  10. A one time 50% wealth tax on the richest 1% of the population would be enough for every single American adult to survive without working for 24 months (at roughly $44k per year). And every single one of those 1% of Americans taxed would still have more money than they should ever need to spend (average of $10M each). I'm not saying this is the right thing to do. Simply pointing out that there are far more than just the two options of tank the economy or sacrifice lives moving ahead. And that one time tax would have very little negative impact on the economy, as that wealth is almost entirely hoarded, not spent.
  11. I thought I read that in the agreement they came to with the league, that their salaries are not guaranteed this year.
  12. Top 3 soul/r&b artists of all time, IMO.(with Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye) You will be missed greatly.
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