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Rest of the Playoffs

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Wut do you mean wut? Mcdavid's going to have them large and and charge for a long time. You seriously don't agree with that?

Not particularly. They have a long way to go before calling them the next Blackhawks, starting on D. A whole lot also depends on the health of McJesus, their overall depth is still a bit sketchy.


They're a legit playoff team right now, that's about it imo.

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Oilers are going to need Nugent Hopkins to be a lot more than he was this year.  McDavid might be better than Kane or Toews, but right now he doesn't a Robin to his Batman.  Hell, he doesn't even have Alfred.

Draisaitl is a helluva player, he proved to be a great compliment to McDavid when the Ducks shut him down. You're right though, Hopkins needs to be a lot better and doesn't profile all that well as a bottom 6 centre. 

The Oilers still have big question marks on D and we'll also see how Talbot holds up. The're also going to lose a decent player in the XD and don't have a ton of depth to begin with outside of through the middle. Right now they stand to lose one of Kassian, Pitlick, Khaira or Letestu. That's if they want to hold on to Maroon. 

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I'm willing to make the rare sweep prediction for the Pens over the Sens. 4-0, penguins coast to play the preds.


Thoughts? Predictions?

I will bet you $5,000 they don't sweep em
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