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  1. Fire Colome into the same galaxy as Luplow just hit that ball.......might as well send Rocco and Falvine with him.
  2. There is no way to prevent transmission to everyone and it really shouldn’t be the goal. In fact, I don’t think it really is. The goal is to prevent the transmission from everyone to the most vulnerable, all at the same time. Without a vaccine, immunity through transmission to a large segment of the population has to be accepted. It’s a matter of how long a period of time that should happen, and how to protect the vulnerable during that period. Stadiums full of people? Yeah hard to envision that anytime soon. Having said that, the right people, with widely available and easily implemented testing, with appropriate contact and contact tracing is theoretically possible, although likely not achievable.
  3. Crushed by the news about John Prine. I was really looking forward to seeing him again at the WFF, but that's not the source of my sorrow, it;s just that he's gone. Hearing him do Angel from Montgomery with Bonnie Raitt will make me cry forever now.
  4. I can't think of anything more appropriate. This song has always been so beautiful, especially sung by Bonnie Raitt. Prayers for John Prine.
  5. I can attest to Rogers Centre in Toronto being a cesspool for bad beer. It's really too bad because Toronto and the surrounding region has some top rate craft breweries, Unfortunately most stadiums and rinks in Canada are often exclusively supplied by InBev due to the advertising dollars. Heading to Busch for the Cards home opener, looks like I'll have to wear some good kicks if I'm going to get some worthwhile beer.
  6. Bi lateral leg weakness is no laughing matter Van, for shame my friend...
  7. Too bad the Jets extended Maurice just prior to Boudreau getting fired. I would have loved ot see Gabby coach the Jets next season. This one definitely fits the adage, good goalies make good coaches, bad goalies get coaches fired.
  8. This guy needs to rewrite his book....there is a new, new way to win it all.
  9. Much ado about nothing? You’re kidding, right? I mean you have to be. AJ Hinch Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran probably don’t think it’s much ado about nothing.
  10. The fact that this needs to be explained to anybody is ....well.....mind boggling.
  11. Jim Crane, “It didn’t impact the game” Jim Crane “ I didn’t say it didn’t impact the game”. You sir, are an idiot.
  12. I'm guessing he's not too remorseful about the $21 million he cashed in on after his "career year". Ill gotten gains imo, bit of a fraud.
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