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Roy Oswalt--- W/out team

Nicholas Mueller

Am I the only one who thinks that its odd that Roy Oswalt still has yet to sign with a team now that spring training has started? Is it just injury concerns or his asking price? I'm guessing it is a little of both, no one probably wants to invest in a pitcher who has injury concerns. Although, the only good thing about someone signing him is that he does have high upside. Any guesses as to what team will eventually sign him?

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I think it's mostly asking price, or at least best situation. Oswalt clearly missed the boat on the prime time to sign, so he's in a position where he needs to sign a one year deal and he's looking for the best possible situation - i.e. a contending club. So it appears he's waiting to see if the Cards or Rangers can free up enough payroll to add him at $7M or so per year, as opposed to the $3-4M they have available.


I'll admit, I'm puzzled as to why this hasn't happened yet, too.

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I think this could end up being similar to when the Twins lost Eric Milton in spring training for the season and signed Kenny Rogers a few days later. Oswalt doesn't get a deal from the Rangers or Cards, then a major piece of someone's rotation goes down and they give him a one year, incentive filled deal.

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Oswalt for sure declined a $10M 1yr offer from the Tigers (before they signed Fielder.) He has also declined offers at least from the Pirates and Red Sox. It is clear that he wants to play close to home in S. Mo, which makes it either Rangers or Cardinals. After the Rangers trade Koji Uehara, they will have the room and the $ to give him like a $7-8M contract. So I see him going there sometime this week.


The thing that it is important to know is that Oswalt does not have to work for a living for the rest of his life, so he can be picky or retire. On the other hand, this says that he is not been bitten by the bug still, so there is not much fire for playing ball any more... so caveat emptor as far as Oswalt is concerned.

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