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  1. And an inside the park HR by the Angels and its 4-3.
  2. Yay!! Hopefully Caps doesn't blow a save today, assuming there is an opportunity for one.
  3. Maybe Plouffe at 2B instead of Hughes, Gardy choose him over Hughes as a defensive replacement today.
  4. Twins win the World Series.. More realistically though, Parmelee preforms well, and Pavano gets traded.
  5. As I woke up at 4 in the morning to watch the Mariners and A's, I couldn't stop thinking to myself, is Ichiro bound for the hall of fame? Over his 11 year career, he's averaged 200+ hits a year with 8 home runs. So his total hits are 2428, 95 home runs, and 423 stolen bases. Now, obviously at these statistics, people might not want to include him in the Hall. Eventually, my decision was that if Ichiro had made his MLB debut at an earlier age than 27, he would have had a greater chance of making it. Now, what are your thoughts on him, is he bound for the Hall?
  6. I doubt Burroughs makes the team, I would guess a middle infielder would over him since Luke Hughes can play third base as well. I'd bet Ray Chang would make it over Burroughs.
  7. I think it's more likely that Ray Chang makes the team over Dozier. The team wants Dozier to get experience everyday and if he's with Minnesota he'd be a utility player.
  8. Didn't Bill James, or someone else, also predict Revere would hit one homerun?
  9. The time we've all been waiting for.... Nishi has been optioned to Rochester. Hopefully the coaches there can do something to still make the Twins investment somewhat usefull...
  10. That is obviously a bit disappointing for him, but it wasn't a major surprise considering last years performance.
  11. Even though I really like Jared Burton, I might consider Jeff Manship instead, because he is younger and he was a draft pick. Obviously both of them have really impressed this spring. Anyone know if Manship still has options?
  12. 7-0 now. #itsnothappening. Anthony Swarzak is pitching now.
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