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Gardenhire's Possible Landing Spots

Cody Christie



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blog-0514907001429898785.jpgThis is the first time in Ron Gardenhire's life that he hasn't been actively involved in baseball since his youth. However, it doesn't mean he wouldn't like to be back in the action. Fox Sports is reporting Gardenhire hired an agent for the first time in decades to "monitor possible managerial openings."


Since there are currently no openings, he isn't actively pursuing a position but he's open to considering all possibilities. There's also no reason to hurry since he had a year remaining on his contract when the Twins let him go at the end of last season.


Some managers are already on the hot seat even though the season is relatively young. Here are a few of the possible landing spots as Gardy looks for new employment.


Miami Marlins

Reports out of Miami have manager Mike Redmond, a former Twin, on the hot seat even though he is only in his third year at the helm. Many writer's picked the Marlins as a playoff team this year but the team has floundered out of the gate. Team owner Jeffrey Loria has been quick to pull the trigger on managers in the past so it wouldn't be surprising if Miami decided to go in a different direction. From Gardenhire's prospective, Miami might not be the ideal spot since his job security would immediately be called into question. This would be quite the change from the consistency he knew in the Twins organization.


Milwaukee Brewers

Much like Miami, the Brewers are off to a poor start as they entered the weekend with the fewest wins in baseball. Center fielder Carlos Gomez, catcher Jonathan Lucroy, and second baseman Scooter Gennett are all on the disabled list so that hasn't helped the situation. Brewers owner Mark Attanasio came out earlier this week and said that neither Ron Roenicke nor general manager Doug Melvin are on the hot seat. That tune could change if the Brewers continue to lose games in the coming months. Since Gardenhire still makes his home in Minnesota, it seems like staying with a Midwest team like Milwaukee could fit his needs.


Los Angeles Angels

There have been some high expectations in Los Angeles over the last handful of years. Signing big name stars like Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton to add to the likes of reigning AL MVP Mike Trout was supposed to put the Angles on a path to greatness. The club has only made the playoffs once in the last five seasons and they were swept out of last year's Divisional Series by the Royals. Mike Scioscia has been at the helm since 2000 and the Angels front office might want a new voice to try and lead their team to the playoffs. From Gardenhire's perspective, any manager would be crazy not to want to pencil Trout's name in the line-up card everyday.


Philadelphia Phillies

Charlie Manuel has only been out the door for a couple seasons by Ryne Sandberg hasn't finished better than fourth in the NL East. The Phillies roster is aging and it's hard to pick out what direction the team is going. There isn't a lot of light at the end of the tunnel at this point and the Philadelphia sports scene can be tough on failing clubs. A new manager like Gardenhire might not completely be the answer. If the fans get out the torches and pitchforks for Sandberg, Gardenhire would be available and the rich Phillies history could be enough to lure him to the City of Brotherly Love.


For more from Cody Christie make sure to follow him on Twitter @NoDakTwinsFan and to read his other work at http://www.NoDakTwinsFan.com



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I don't know if Gardenhire has an east coast an east coast guy or not (someone who knows him better might be able to fill that in). 


He can both afford to be selective, but also probably needs to get in next year while he's still attractive. 


My bet is that if Detroit takes an unexpected nose dive, he ends up there in 2015. And that would be FUN. :) 

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Well, maybe he should calm things down in KC?  I thought he was for sure going to replace Yost last year if they missed the playoffs.  He seems the type of manager DM wants, local writer Joe Posnanski has always spoken highly of him.  The Royals are a Twins-like team.  


Anyhow, it looks like he wants to manage again and I hope he gets a job.  

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I know Redmond would be gone before they hire someone, but it would be strange for Gardy to replace him. As for the Angels, that would be a culture shock for him. I would think a lot more criticism. His blood pressure might preclude that? :)

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