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I choose to see the Twins Roster Half Full

Doc Munson



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If this is not the definition of the AL Central I do not know what is. Twins in 1st place!!!  with a.500 record.

Just a couple of weeks in I think it is important to take a look at a significant season milestone. May 1st.  May 1st is when the "skinny mirror" gets replaced with a normal one.  You know those skinny mirrors, those mirrors that make you look skinnier, or "better" than you actually are.  While I am very happy to be in first place, and I am thrilled, and surprised with the Twins pitching this year, 

The Twins, as have all teams, have greatly benefited from a 28 man roster, and the ability to carry extra pitchers, carrying extra pitchers allows you to rely more on the bullpen, This also allows you to baby your starters and not give them too many innings, or pitches at the start of the year. This is evident by Chris Archer's comments after his last start. after his last start he said he knew it was going to be a short start because he was target for 50-60 pitches.... FIFTY to SIXTY???  Normally I would be screaming at the top of my lungs how this is nto baseball.  BUT given the "unique" rules this year (Although I can see MLB permanently going to a 28 man roster for the 1st month to "ease in pitchers") you have to play and take advantage of the rules that are in place.  I am not slamming the Twins for taking advantage of them, I am saying the Twins may not be the pitching juggernaut they currently look like without them.

As stated previously by me, and every other baseball fan with at least a modicum of intelligence, the Twins pitchers are a collection of young pitchers who have not thrown more than 120 innings, and veteran starters coming off injuries/poor performance who also have not thrown more than 120 innings recently. This can be very easily covered up with a 6 man rotation, and a 28 man roster to allow for short starts consistently.


Again, EVERY team got this benefit, and also again Twins pitchers have been GREAT!!! Just brace yourself. the Twins will be hit harder than most with the rosters going back down to 26. This is because not only is the roster trimming down to 26, but if the Twins continue to go with a 6 man rotation (and really who do you take out??) then that means you can no longer allow your starters to go only 4-5 innings because your bullpen with get overworked. This then in turn puts more workload back on those inexperienced starters and veterans coming off injuries.

We will have a much better idea of where we are at at the end of My than at the beginning. Maybe it is just the typical MN sports fan in me, but I am very excited and happy about our team, yet at the same time will not believe it and am waiting for the train wreck.  But until that happens, I am choosing to say the Twins Roster is half full instead of half empty.



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And now I am reading memo's that say the increased pitching rosters will remain in effect until the END of May. Citing  "player safety" in order to help "monitor players health".  SO pretty much just as I figured, just the next step in babying the players. In the generation of players training year round do we REALLY need to "protect" players from injury??  When they already throw 1/2 the innings and 1/3 the pitches of pitchers from previous eras?

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If I recall correctly, the Twins are in the top quadrant in innings pitched by their starters so far. I don't think their "advantage" is that great. While I don't disagree with your analysis that the pitching staff is veterans coming off injuries and younger players who were innings-limited, I am not sure how things will pan out. It is good that there is pitching depth this year and I hope it is utilized well.

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I for one am still very concerned with our bullpen. I just don't see any real shut down relief guys other than maybe Duran and history is so short for him that is just going on pure "stuff". I know they don't want a set closer and all which leaves a big problem since Rocco hasn't shown the ability to get the most out of his pen in his time here yet. IMO he has been pretty bad managing his pen over the last couple years and with what seems to be available so far that could spell trouble as the season warms and the bats warm.

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It saddens me that Jeffers has been the DH when Sanchez is catching & another position player isn't rotating through DH that game.  Certainly we ought to have someone who represents more of an offensive threat in that role.  Miranda perhaps? I mean, Celestino, Garlick, Gordon & Jeffers strike no fear in the hearts of opposing teams.

The starting staff has been a very pleasant surprise.  But the bullpen inspires minimal confidence.

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