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Another Kiner-Falefa Garver post... What does it mean?

Doc Munson



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This is a weird (but good) trade in my opinion. Yes I too like Garver, and think he could have helped bring offensive thump to our lineup. and no I do not think Jeffers is necessarily ready for a FT role, and no I do not think we have particularly strong platoon options with Jeffers.  So why do I sorta like the deal? HE is a very solid player at multiple positions. He will obviously start at SS for us at the beginning of the year, but he could also play 3B, and maybe a little catcher. Very solid defender at 3B & SS.

But what intrigues me the most about this deal is what it says about OTHER positions.

#1 we need pitching. We didn't sign anyone of note prior to lock out. We didn't secure Rodon post lock out, and my sources say we didn't even consider making an offer.  So we don't make any moves toward a pitcher, and we trade one of our most tradeable assets for infield help (although we needed a SS). This speaks to priorities. You would THINK that pitching would be the priority with us having basically 3 starters as we sit. The fact that the Twins are not acting like pitching is a priority, is because they don't think it is. Why would this be? Obviously the answer... or THEIR answer, is because we have what we need in house with young pitchers.  If you don't sign FA pitching, and you use trade chips to acquire non-pitchers, then that screams that you already have at least SOME of the pitching you need in house.

#2 OR... you can still address pitching. Combine this trade, with increased CBT and Universal DH, and you have all of the makings of a Josh Donaldson trade. With Kiner-Falefa to play 3B until Miranda is ready. Can you think of an NL team, newly in need of a DH, that has deep pitching, for whom Donaldson has played (and loved his time there) and who is about to lose a big dollar face of the franchise 1B bat to the Dodgers?  Here is a hint.  it rhymes with Atlanta Braves. There is now a logical move to be made with Donaldson, AND can finally help address pitching.  Trade Donaldson to the Braves for Touki Toussaint  and Kyle Muller. Neither are really proven MLB pitchers, but Touki has had flashes of brilliance at the MLB level, and Muller would be just another near MLB prospect. but it would at least make a move towards pitching.

Overall this was a decent yet curious  use of potential trade assets.  What other moves do you see this potentially leading to? or what doyou think this says about our pitching situation?



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Some good points here, Doc!  As you say the Garver/KF trade was reasonable.  We traded from a position of relative strength(we hope!) for one of need.  

But what is more interesting, as you point out, is this looks like another sign that 2022 will be a rebuild.  The trade, on the surface, does not move the needle much(and might even set it back if Jeffers doesn't step up) for this year.  The FO's lack of urgency on the pitching front certainly would lean towards the scenario of 2022 being a test year for the young pitchers.  How else can you explain their taking a pass on Rodon and Kikuchi, arguably the 2 best FA starters left?  Talking about guys like Pineda/Cueto,et.al certainly points to their failure to push the club back into contention this year, no matter what they said earlier.  Grrr!

And yes, assuming we are seeing a rebuild, moving Donaldson makes more sense now that we have a surplus of IFs, both on the 40 man and in development.  The new DH rule certainly should help demand for JD but what could we get in return.?  IMO, the last thing we should do is add to our slew of pitching prospects.  By contributing to his salary, FO might pry loose a good(=better than Pineda/Cueto) major league pitcher.  Of course, the loss of Cruz, JD, and Garv will weaken the offense but if this is truly a rebuild, then don't stop midway.  Nor should they count on a staff filled with prospects a path for contention in next 2-3 years, which is why landing at least two young, major league pitchers is still essential to a sharp upward swing in 2023 and beyond.  And if their prospects flame out, the Wonder Boys will be long gone by then, anyway!

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Well you were right they did trade Donaldson!

i really thought Kiner-Falefa was going to be the full time short stop for the next year or two until Royce Lewis was ready for his chance, or Martin. There was some logic to that move to acquire him. But now Kiner-Falefa gets traded right away again to the Yankees. So What do I know? 

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