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Taking A Look At MLB's Projected 2020 Standings




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Yesterday, MLB released their projected standings on Twitter, and while the American League looked very close to last year, the National League was a little different. Since the playoffs are going to be the same next year, I'm going to take a look at what this means for us.


Now, MLB placed the Twins atop the AL Central, 7 games ahead of last year's competition, the Cleveland Indians. Of course I love having distance between us and Cleveland, but I was kind of hoping that we had more projected wins. Here's what the standings for the Central looked like:

Twins: 93-69

Indians: 86-76

White Sox: 83-79

Tigers: 69-93

Royals: 68-94

Obviously, the only change here is the Tigers go to fourth and the Royals go to fifth, but they're only one game apart. The Twins and Indians get worse, while the White Sox, Tigers, and Royals improve. The Tigers have vastly improved over their 47-114 season last year.


Now, I know that you're wondering where we place with the other American League teams. So, let's chat the American League East, the division of our biggest postseason rivals, the New York Yankees. Here's what their projected standings look like.

Yankees: 99-63

Rays: 87-75

Red Sox: 85-77

Blue Jays: 77-85

Orioles: 63-99

These are literally the exact same standings as last year, just with different numbers. The Yankees have as many wins as the Orioles have losses. Same goes with the Red Sox and Blue Jays. The Red Sox have as many wins as the Blue Jays have losses.


Now, I know that you're getting impatient because you want to know who we would play in the playoffs, who's the Wild Card team, all that! But, first let's go over to the AL West.

Astros: 98-64

Angels: 87-75

Athletics: 85-77

Rangers: 73-89

Mariners: 66-96

This is a very close division! The Angels are taking the jump up from 4th and moving into the 2nd place spot. The Astros and Mariners have their same places as 2019, but the middle teams have shifted around.


Now, time to talk about the playoffs. From these standings, the Angels and Rays would face each other in the Wild Card team. The Yankees face whoever wins. The Twins and Astros are the 2nd and 3rd place teams, so they face each other in the ALDS. Yes, you heard me right! No Yankees! As long as the Astros don't have trash cans and TVs, I say we have more of a chance. And I am 100% sure that they learned their lesson from that one.


Let's go over to the National League and just talk about them, not quite in as much detail as we talked about the American League. We'll start with the Central, our division in a different league.

Reds: 86-76

Cubs: 85-77

Cardinals: 80-82

Brewers: 79-83

Pirates: 70-92

This division is going to have to battle it out, as all the teams are so close to each other. This will be a fun one to watch!


All right, next let's chat about the NL East.

Mets: 88-74

Nationals: 87-75

Braves: 83-79

Phillies: 77-85

Marlins: 71-91

Again, close close close. Nobody historically terrible like the Marlins were last year. Just a lot of average teams.


The last division is the NL West.

Dodgers: 103-59

Padres: 79-83

Diamondbacks: 79-83

Rockies: 77-85

Giants: 68-94

Oh, a tie for second! Those are cool. These standings look basically the same as last year except for the Padres improve a bit.


Playoffs. Cubs vs. Nationals for the Wild Card game. Dodgers face whoever wins. Mets vs. Reds in the NLDS as 2nd and 3rd place teams.


What do you think of the projected standings? How do you think it'll turn out? Will teams be better or worse than MLB projected them to be? Please give opinions in the comments!



Recommended Comments

This looks pretty good.  I'm actually surprised at how high the Astros win total is.  I could see the Twins winning more (98-100 games) and the Astros winning less (94-95).  Interesting that this is the year the Reds finally break through and win the division.  I still like the Braves in the N.L. East.


Braves    92-70

Mets        90-72

Nats         86-76

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