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4 Year Window?




It seems like the Twins are settling in on a 4-year window of being competitive. Last year the Twins signed 2 of their core players to 5-year contracts totaling just over 60 million. Note, they now have 4 years left on those extensions. Just a few days ago the wins signed Sano to an extension that has a guaranteed 3-year extension with a 4th year option. The Twins are looking to sign Donaldson to a 4-year contract as well. I am beginning to think the longer Donaldson doesn’t sign the better our odd are of signing him become. I think the more extensions they sign that give more payroll certainty, the more the Twins will feel comfortable increasing their offer to JD and get the deal done.

As far as the other position players go, we have 5 years control on Garver, 3 years for Buxton, and 5 years for Arreaz. That is 7 of the 9 starters who are locked up for 3 years and 6 can be locked up for 7.

The 2 positions not locked up the full 4 years are DH/ 1B and LF. The Twins have Killeroff, Rooker, Raley, Larnarch and Blankenship among others.

To replace Gonzales as the everywhere player is Lewis. He has shown he can play CF, 3B and SS in the minors. He can come up and be an everyday player at every position.

In the pen and back of the rotation there were numerous pitchers who have shown they can be effective in those roles. It’s a matter of giving them another year to show who is really ready and who is not. As far as extensions go for pitchers; if we can sign May and Rogers in the pen to extensions and Berrios and maybe Odorizzi in the rotation, we would have a really strong core locked up and quite a few young pitchers with years of team control remaining. That makes the next 4 years where the Twins are working around the edges and looking for a star starting pitcher to come here.

Looking forward at the next 4 years starting in 2024, the Twins will still have 2-3 years control for players coming up like Killeroff, Larnarch, Lewis, Rooker, Baddoo. Plus, they will have any players extended in arbitration under control for an extended period of time like Arreaz? Garver? On the pitching side the picture is not as clear but as of now we have Graterol as either a starter or reliever, Balazovich is on his way, and we have numerous other pitchers who came up in the last year or next year and may be at the back of the rotation or in the pen as well such as Thorpe, Smeltzer, Littell, Dobnak, Alcala, Wells, Jax, Stashak, and so many more. And the Twins will have 4 years to develop other players and pitchers as well and the Twins could be well set up to have another 4-year window….


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We basically have Gordon to replace Adrianza or Gonzalez in the near future, and any number of other prospects. Of course, the team friendly contracts for Kepler and Polanco and ano also makes them tradable. Interesting that to buy out arbitration and first year of free agency is roughly $10 million a year now. A decent investment to keep young players on the team.


The Twins do have lots of OF/1B potential candidates. Like Sano moving over to first, or eventually DH. Even looking at DOnaldson for the long haul, the Twins would need a DH after the next season (possibly the 40-year-old wonder Cruz might hand on for still another campaign). You suddenly see riches in the Twins system. Where do we put Lewis. Will there be room for both Laranach and Kirilloff, not to mention anyone else. They have a very young shortstop behind Javier that they drafted alst year, too. There seems to be okay potential at catcher with Jeffers and Rortvedt in the wings.


The biggest question is getting innings and exposure for the rotation. Some power arms, as well as people like Enlow, Sands, Ober, Colina, Barnes, Sammons to go with Duran, Rijo, Balazovic. Some will succeed, after some exposure to the majors. A couple may be bullpen arms. But there is promise in the minors, along with some arms that could surprise in the relief corps.


It all depends on how bad you feel you need a veteran presence. Yes, it is wonderful to have a dominant arm in the top of the rotation, a grizzled veteran in the middle of the bullpen, an aging bat on the field roster. Especially if they do act as a pseudo-team leader.

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