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A community invitation to join me on my quest to attend all 81 Twins "away" games in 2023.

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The realities of baseball road tripping comes home to roost...

In late December, as the cold wind howled and the Twins 2023 schedule seemed like a breath of warm air, hope sprung eternal. I made an excel spreadsheet, calculated mileage, ordered books written by crazy people who had attended all 162 games of a season, or visited all 30 stadiums in a year, and I began to count the costs of a dream trip to be in person for all 81 Twins road games in 2023. February now is upon us, and most of reality has entered the picture again. The airline situation has

What a difference a month makes...

The Twins away game idea emerged as a "rooting for laundry" dream. Roster moves over the past month have started to imply that something more might be underfoot for our 2023 squad. All of a sudden, I have new names to learn and new expectations to decipher. A trip to re-introduce myself to this nation that I call home now is beginning to reek of fanboy angst... Are the Twins for real in 2023 all of a sudden? I wasn't anticipating a need to feel nervous at these ball games. I was just g

On interleague play and interstate realities...

2023 marks a distinct revolution in MLB scheduling.  For the first time, the Minnesota Twins will play every MLB team during the regular season. In the ever evolving nature of sport, some changes can fly under the radar.  This scheduling change will impact the entire league in both extreme and subtle ways, and I'm not sure the Twins will be on the winning end of any of them.  Here are a few of the main changes that I'm noticing as I plan the All 81 trip. 1.  In-Division games are reduc

Away from Home - the 2023 Twins' Journeys to Target Field

You can tell that I’ve been spending too much time planning travel itineraries for this “all 81” away game trip.  I drove by a nativity scene downtown and realized how thankful I was that I don’t have to worry about a “donkey” column on my navigational spreadsheet. I had never once thought about what Twins players encountered on their annual pilgrimage across the North American landscape in their efforts to entertain and infuriate me throughout a baseball season until I started try

2023 Trip #2 – April 13-20 – New York and Boston

The second road trip of the 2023 Twins season contains perhaps the biggest potential for “issues,” both natural and Twins-made.  It also represents the most exciting and most difficult stretch of games in the first few months.   Yankee Stadium.  Fenway Park.  Let’s begin…   April 13-16 - @ New York Yankees (4 games) Yankee Stadium – capacity  47,309 -  2022 attendance was 3,136,207 (ranked 1st out of 15 AL teams) Yankee Stadium screams “we own you” to Twins fans.  Last year w

"Away" for the 1st time: Twins vs. White Sox - Comiskey Park, 8/21/2002

The summer of 2002 found me on the verge of a major move.  I had accepted the invitation to seminary training at Garrett-Evangelical in Evanston, Illinois. And as nice as “Evanston” sounds, any look at a map worth its weight would tell you that I was moving to Chicago.  In mid-August I packed the Buick LeSabre with a Laz-y-Boy, a Trinitron TV, all of my clothes, and embarked on my first solo road trip.  I hadn’t driven in Chicago before, so I thought that packing the car to the point where I cou

2023 Trip #1 - March 30-April 5 - Kansas City & Miami

The "All 81" away game journey begins in 109 days.  That seems like a long time away.  Until you enter it into a spreadsheet and realize that its only one mouse scroll from tomorrow... Here's my plan of attack for keeping everyone in the loop during planning season: 1.  Monday blogs will focus on the 16 trips involved in the 2023 Twins season.  I'm going to be focusing on stadium highlights, attributes, Twins history, and community amenities.  Potential pitfalls and road blocks get con

June 17-19, 2022: My "All 81" Gateway Drug

All crazy ideas start out with smaller, somewhat less crazy ideas.  In Twins Territory, staring out at a foot of sanded/graying snow usually factors in as well. Going to every Twins away game in 2023 started out similarly.  It began to sprout one February evening, while I celebrated an annual bro event with some of my closest friends JP and Steve Hain.  JP and I had been picking Oscar winners and then competing against one another "live" on Oscar night since we were in Jr. High.  I think we

Into the Weeds - A Spreadsheet for "All 81" Away Games, Use with Discretion

Counting the costs. I spent most of the weekend drumming up the potential ramifications of my "all 81 away games" dream in an excel spreadsheet.  This led to some quality angst and vulnerability hangover, for both I and spouse :) Upon entering mileage and dates, a few things are apparent: 1.  MLB was not considering my potential dream trip when they were organizing the Twins road schedule this year.  Beyond utilizing the LA trip as a back to back with the Dodgers and Angels in May

What if you went to all 81 "away" games? Making the dream a reality...

Hello everyone, allow me to introduce myself. Steve Trefz, 42 yrs old, Twins fan by virtue of birthplace (farm in rural NorthCentral South Dakota), of influence (Herb and John every summer evening for 3.5 hrs), and of circumstance (first World Series that I remember watching was 1987, which was also the year of the first Metrodome trip and Twins game of my life). I have more to share when it comes to "Why the Twins?," but for now I just want to introduce where this blog is headed...lit
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