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2023 Trip #2 – April 13-20 – New York and Boston

Steven Trefz



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The second road trip of the 2023 Twins season contains perhaps the biggest potential for “issues,” both natural and Twins-made.  It also represents the most exciting and most difficult stretch of games in the first few months.   Yankee Stadium.  Fenway Park.  Let’s begin…


April 13-16 - @ New York Yankees (4 games)

Yankee Stadium – capacity  47,309 -  2022 attendance was 3,136,207 (ranked 1st out of 15 AL teams)

Yankee Stadium screams “we own you” to Twins fans.  Last year was the first Twins victory there since May of 2019, and the Twins have gone 3-24 at Yankee Stadium since 2015.  So yes, four games in a row seems a bit _______ (I’ll let you fill in the blank here). 

But what Yankee Stadium lacks in hospitality to our chances for success, it makes up for in baseball history and charisma.  Monument Park shares the rich tradition of the pinstripes, and apparently is the place to be before first pitch.  The tiered outfield seats provide a few too many flashbacks for me to Twins crushing defeats of the past, but being present for the “roll call” tradition of the Yankees outfield bleacher bums and knowing that millions of humans are within blocks of you offers a lot of excitement.

Then there’s the rain.  Assuming Josh Donaldson is still around the Yankees by then, he won’t be the only bringer of rain as April in New York often does the same on its own.  This stretch of games carries the biggest weather risk of the season, and financially I’m not sure how I could handle it if I have to come back to this zone for a rain out make-up later in the season.  Luckily, MLB appears to have also thought this through, and scheduled a mutual off-day for the Monday after the series.  Multi-layered and thick skinned, I’ll make my way to the enemy’s lair with confidence.  At least for the first game…

Yankee Stadium resides in the heart of the Bronx, so parking and any “quick” travel to destinations doesn’t happen ?.  With at least 4 days in the area, I shouldn’t have to rush through the tourist situation either.  Apparently the Statue of Liberty takes most of a day to visit properly.  I would love to see Ellis Island, where rumor has it my last name became something new (not every letter makes it to the next generation when immigration workers’ and penmanship get involved).  Broadway, TV show scenery, and Central Park are must sees.  Or I might just sleep in my car and eat some ham sandwiches for 4 days.  Budget tbd!

Mitchell, SD to Yankee Stadium gates is 1436 miles.  To drive or not to drive, that is the question.  Its 21 hours to get there by car, and flying and utilizing mass transit while in the region is a no brainer if I’m going by myself.  However, if it becomes a family trip of sorts the options grow wider and more complicated.


April 18-20 - @ Boston Red Sox (3 games)

Fenway Park – capacity  37,755 (4th smallest, actually listed at 37,305 for day games because they tarp the batters eye)   -  2022 attendance was 2,625,089 (ranked 4th out of 15 AL parks)

One of two remaining “jewel box” ballparks (Wrigley being the other), Fenway Park serves as a must-see for any baseball road-tripper.  Across the Charles River from the likes of MIT and Harvard, the Red Sox’s home field carries a history of curses and triumphs.  From the house that Babe Wrecked to Big Papi’s stomping grounds (ouch), Fenway speaks to the iconic and cultural power of baseball in Americana.

Even my backyard wiffleball set-up had a “Green Monster” set of evergreen trees…temptingly close but impossible to clear.  I didn’t make that up, Fenway did.  At 37 feet tall, the Monster serves as the biggest batter distraction in baseball.  Pesky’s pole in right field sits a mere 295 feet away from home plate if you believe independent measuring services (“officially” 302 according to the Sox).  The pull-happy Twins should do great there, as long as they can remember to actually watch the ball and not the scenery.

Boston uniquely ties into my family tree as well.  My father-in-law attended seminary at Boston, so my wife started kindergarten in the midst of this baseball lore.  My trip to Fenway will necessarily explore some of these connections.  Being the birthplace of our nation also provides numerous places for investigation.  Boston Harbor, Paul Revere’s home, and the replica of “Cheers” the bar!  In 2022 the Twins were in Boston for Patriot Day, the 3rd Monday of April, with an 11am game time so that fans could catch the end of the Boston Marathon.  The whole town shuts down, and remembers who they are.  This year, the Twins come into town on Patriots Day on an off day, and the Angels will be in town for that event.  This should save me some serious cash and traffic issues!  I get Boston’s hangover, with a post-Patriot Day Tues-Thurs series.  Is it worth it to try to make it into town for the marathon?  Should a guy try and catch a dose of Ohtani and Trout while in the area?   

Mitchell, SD to Fenway Park gates is 1,616 miles.  Yankee Stadium to Fenway Park gates is 204 miles.  Rental car or train from Yankee Stadium?  Again the type of transportation that I bring will determine where lodging occurs.  These larger cities are set up so well for mass transit, that it seems ridiculous to try to drive everywhere.  And yet, the freedom of having your own vehicle is engrained in my midwestern heart quite deeply.  Again, amount of travelers and distance to accommodations will impact this decision.  Hotels aren't as plentiful around Fenway as there are in the Bronx.


Now it's your turn to plan!

If you have been to either Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park, please post your list of "best seats" and "must sees."  Anyone else planning on going to these series?

Grace and peace Twins Territory!  Thanks for the help!




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Steve, Boston is small, so mass transit really works well. Best Italian sausage is outside the park, and cheap! $7 in 2019. And then, after six of us buying sausage, the owner yelled at us for not ordering correctly. No one was waiting, but we did it wrong! (one of us should have paid so he didn't have to make change.)

Walk the "trail." In an afternoon, you see all of the revolutionary sites. Do the tea party museum. The tea ships were tiny!

My brother lives on Bunker Hill.

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Pizza is a yes....Boston Seminary at the U. for comment 2, and Dayne, the only real question is will you be making the trip too :)

I think the main question now is "do I try to be there for Patriot Day" or just ride into town after the dust settles on Tuesday.

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I'd definitely suggest you fly to NYM, train to Bos. You will not want to drive in either NYC or BOS, so you'll just be paying massive parking fees. If you DO drive, I'd suggest leaving your car someplace in Newark and taking the train from there into NYC.

I'd definitely recommend Patriot's Day, and I'd suggest you get there the night before if you can. Boston is a big party that morning. (It might also be the night before, but that experience was 30 years ago and it might have just been because Chrissie was hanging out with service industry workers, who tend to go pretty hard on Sunday nights.) 

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Thank you for the advice!  I just remembered that one of our local Mitchell guys runs the marathon pretty frequently.  I need to check with him on this years plans, but that definitely adds to the potential connections.



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