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About this blog

A community invitation to join me on my quest to attend all 81 Twins "away" games in 2023.

Entries in this blog

On the road again...New York state of mind

21.5 hours. That's how long it takes to drive straight from Mitchell, SD to The Bronx, NY. 21.5 hours. Four games against the Bronx Bombers, the Twins' playoff kryptonite, the &#@%! Yankees. The first road trip through Kansas City and Miami involved a decent 6 hour drive, and a flight to the SE corner of America. Seven nights away from home.  In Kansas City I found the traditional opening day experience. Overpriced tickets, a giant flag, recognizing the whole roster on the fie

Opening Day

I'm two days into the Kansas City trip, and I've learned several important things: 1. When given a choice of 4-rib or full slab at Arthur Bryant's, take the over...then take a nap. 2. Game 1 had about 200 Twins fans in attendance, and I think I managed to talk to most of them. And they are all awesome! Keep an eye out for some of their pics and stories in my series wrap blog on Monday. 3. Even the Royals fans didn't expect to win. Opening day prices were jacked up 300%, and still

My bags are packed, I'm ready to go...

Meet "Stevie" the elf. Think of him as a cross between Where's Waldo, Flat Stanley, & Circle-me-Bert. He's going to be joining me on the road this summer for some Twins away game excitement, and believe it or not summer starts tomorrow! Kansas City here we come! 70 degrees, a pleasant breeze, and hopefully a few bombas from our favorite nine. Pablo wheels and deals, Duran closes the door, and 2023's version of "Hope Springs Eternal" can finally turn the page to "Summer of Victory."
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