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Troy's Twins Thoughts

Hey everyone, I'm back with my thoughts again. I am a Twins fan, but just a very frustrated one. So here we go - I love the trade deadline moves. A lot of people think the Twins gave up too many prospects in the deals, I think they got Mahle, Lopez, and Fulmer for the right price. They didn't give up any top 5 players in the system and 1 borderline top 100 player in Spencer Steer. They have control of Mahle and Lopez next year also. I like getting proven players that are young and unde

Troy's Twins Thoughts 5/20/22

Back for a winning team. Let's get into the first month and a half. - Buxton is all world and the Twins got a hell of a deal on his contract. Games played matters obviously, but the production outweighs the risk ten-fold in this situation.  - The Taylor Rogers trade sure looks like a big L right now. Paddack TJ surgery. Pagan has been decent. Rogers leads the league in saves and has a .52 era with 15k in 17.1 IP - Duffey has been bad. 93 and straight isn't fooling anyone. I'm not

Troy's Twins Thoughts 9/24/20

- Kenta has been an Ace so far this year. I'm pretty sure the Nationals had Scherzer, Strasburg, and Corbin. They went up against Cole, Verlander, and Greinke. We need Berrios and Pineda to be dominant.   - Buxton has been the player all the Buck truthers have hoped. He has 10+ defensive runs saved plus 13 homeruns. He is the MVP of the Twins along with Cruz.   - Rookers injury hurts this team. He came up and played really well. I Think it is too late to call up Kiriloff which is unfortunate.  



Troy's Twins Thoughts 9/6/20

Troy's Twins Thoughts - Jake Cave has no business being a regular replacement on this team. He ranks near the bottom in all categories and offers no upside. - Call up Alex Kirilloff already. He isn't getting real at bats in St Paul, let him come up and play ahead of LaMonte Wade Jr. - Brent Rooker is ready and able to replace a guy like Cave in the lineup. He has had better at bats and overall looked better at the plate than Cave and Wade. - Rocco needs to stop resting perfectly healthy players



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