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Troy's Twins Thoughts

Hey everyone, I'm back with my thoughts again. I am a Twins fan, but just a very frustrated one. So here we go - I love the trade deadline moves. A lot of people think the Twins gave up too many prospects in the deals, I think they got Mahle, Lopez, and Fulmer for the right price. They didn't give up any top 5 players in the system and 1 borderline top 100 player in Spencer Steer. They have control of Mahle and Lopez next year also. I like getting proven players that are young and unde

Troy's Twins Thoughts 5/20/22

Back for a winning team. Let's get into the first month and a half. - Buxton is all world and the Twins got a hell of a deal on his contract. Games played matters obviously, but the production outweighs the risk ten-fold in this situation.  - The Taylor Rogers trade sure looks like a big L right now. Paddack TJ surgery. Pagan has been decent. Rogers leads the league in saves and has a .52 era with 15k in 17.1 IP - Duffey has been bad. 93 and straight isn't fooling anyone. I'm not
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