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  1. I think he’s still rehabbing from TJ. Kinda hard to go to the show when you haven’t faced a live batter yet but yeah. I get it. Lol
  2. Agreed. Saw him throwing on his Instagram, and he is absolutely jacked. Looks like a beast.
  3. Not sure how anyone can consume the “news” and consider themselves realists. The news is anything but real.
  4. I just became a Padres fan. Anything less than what they’re doing is absolutely ridiculous. To pay your minor leaguers through the season is a couple of million dollars tops. That’s nothing. To hell with any owners who don’t do this.
  5. Steamer is a joke. They have Tyler Wells with an ERA nearing 6 every year and he’s got a career 2.82. They only care about draft position
  6. Prediction: Alcala will not last in the big leagues. Sorry. I know most people are very high on him. I just don’t see it. And that 5.29 ERA in AA makes me scratch my head how he even got to the bigs.
  7. I just hope nobody snatches up Tyler Wells. Because frankly, he’s better than all of these guys. He’d most likely already be on the 40 man if he hadn’t had TJ.
  8. I think you have to protect Tyler Wells. He was just too damn good before his TJ surgery. Most others I agree with though.
  9. Remember, most of these are about what they THINK a guy should do and what he ACTUALLY does isn’t given nearly as much weight. Hence why Alcala is in the top 20 with nearly a 6 era in his entire time in this .org. It doesn’t matter who has more tools, it matters who is getting the job done. Maybe it’s just me.
  10. Alcala is way too high (again). He’s simply not that good.. but everyone loves the velo. He doesn’t know how to pitch. I called this in the beginning of the season. And he’s back to rocking an unimpressive 5.65 era. And I still maintain he ends up a pen guy.
  11. Honestly Wells has blown away every level. Gets better every level up. If not for this horrible timed TJ bs, he’s probably be pitching in the majors by now.
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