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  1. Yes, we need a higher OBP guy who can hit and field. I think Falvey and co. will add that player in January. I like Nelson Cruz, but I suspect he will go elsewhere. We do need a marque name to help promote the team. The unpredictability of this lineup - which is, I believe, the premise of this story – makes me want to get a really good player. The Twins have the pieces to move around - it could be a hitter who plays almost any position. Pieces can be moved. But I think the author is right in that Tyler Austin will be the odd man headed to the bench. The other problem with this whole scenario is that one or two injuries will really derail the season, unless we have guys in the minors who can take over.
  2. I believe we also need a very good hitter as well, somebody who can get on base. With a full 40-man roster, someone will have to go - and that could be a pitcher, which would change the dynamic.
  3. You are right to say pitching staffs are fundamentally being transformed. But some of that transformation will depend on existing pitchers. If you have a dominant starter (or four) you would be less inclined to go with an opener, for example. If you have several dominant relievers and few dominant starters, you would be more inclined to go with openers, and to not have specific roles to specific pitchers. So for the Twins, it's a matter of quality first; after that you look for the best way to use your pitchers to win each game..
  4. Hopefully Buxton and Sano are healthy and honed for the 2019 season. they will be starting. Cave and Austin will be on the bench – if on the team at all (maybe Austin). We need an on-base hitter, with some power. I actually think this is a higher priority than pitching, although we need some of that too. Nelson Cruz would be my first choice, but that might not happen. The Twins' brass seems willing to wait out free agents, hoping the same thing happens in ealry 2019 that happened in early 2018, with the prices for free agents falling. Lance Lynn signed a one year $12 million deal with the Twins then; now he's signed a 3 year, $30 million deal with Texas. I also hope our other 'long shots' Schoop and Torreyes pay off.
  5. I'd take a flyer on him. What's the worst that could happen? He doesn't perform, and you release him? You might just get some real good results...
  6. I think the Twins had every right to wait for Buxton and Sano in 2018, after their respective 2017 seasons. Yes the Twins could have gone out and gotten a real good 3B and CF – but you could really say that about the entire team. There are better players out there at every position, but you cannot acquire top notch talent at every position (unless you are the Dodgers, Red Sox or dreaded Yankees). The Twins just cannot do that. They did have to hope that Sano and Buxton would be able to play in 2018. Unfortunately, for much of the season at least, they did not play, at least at the ML level. Yes, the Twins appear to be relying on these two stars for 2019, but I suspect they have a shorter leash this year. If one or both don't perform in early 2019, I suspect the Twins will commence a trade to alleviate it. I would hate to lose either player, but at some point, they need to produce.
  7. I agree. This is the year for taking the division. Cleveland is getting weaker and Chicago is getting stronger. This is our best chance to take the division and go far into the playoffs. The Red Sox and Yankees will continue to be tough, as will Houston, but the AL Central – the weakest division in all of baseball, is there for the taking.
  8. I disagree strongly with this assessment. Sano and Adrianza can more than adequately man third base. There are other options as well. But for me, Sano is our 3B, until something happens and he cannot do it. For me, moving Sano to 1B is not an option. Having him DH full time is not an option. He should be at 3B. That's his position.
  9. Is it a coincidence that the Twins top two infield prospects - Nick Gordon and Luis Arraez – both bat left handed? I think the Twins are good at elevating left handed batters (Mauer, Kepler). Maybe it's a trend? That could affect the Twins decisions on whether to tender certain players, especially Grossman, if they feel these two have surpassed him in talent. And now that Mauer is retired, the remaining Twins are less left handed than before. That probably puts more pressure on Gordon and Arraez to perform...
  10. I agree. I hope they non-tender Grossman, but keep Adrianza, if for nothing else late inning defensive replacement, anywhere in the infield. I hope the Twins find a left-handed hitting 1B to platoon with Cron and Tyler Austin.
  11. Good story. I'm not crazy about moving Romero to the bullpen, but other than that it's hard to argue with your analysis. I like May as a starter as well. We're going to need a lot of starters. I would want to see more reps from Kepler at 1B, but it makes sense to have a lefty at 1B for the batting splits. Maybe if we could get a switch-hitting RF as well, it would be good.
  12. I like Charlie Morton and the two Holland boys. I think they would be a fine addition to the Twins staff. Off topic: When is TD going to drop the pi of Brian Dozier (just above the comment thread)?
  13. The biggest thing I will miss about Mauer's departure from 1B is his defense. He was a great defensive 1B, and should have snagged a gold glove in 2017. That said, we need a great defensive 1B. 1B touches the ball more often than any other fielder besides the pitcher and catcher. We need a solid defensive 1B, who can hit. Do not move Sano from 3B to 1B. If his defense is shaky at 3B (And I don't think it is) it will be just as shaky at 1B, and any mistakes will only be multiplied and magnified. Leave Sano at 3B. Get a better 1B who bats left. I like Matt Adams. I think he would be good. As for 2B and SS, I know I'm dreaming, but I wish Dozier would consider coming back.
  14. You may have hit the nail, but not on its head. Baldelli cannot do ALL of the above; he first has to have coaches whom he can trust to help with all of the above. He's not just leading the players, but also the coaches. He's also dealing with upper management (making recommendations about both the Twins players and other teams' players) and analytics staff (getting the right information in succinct form to the players that they can apply. His lack of management experience - at any level of the game - is a concern. Anyone can fill out a lineup card, but getting the best lineup possible against each opponent for 162 games is a challenge. As a new manager, he must build relationships with each of the players, and begin to build trust. 'Trust is earned' is a common phrase, but that trust has to exist. Without it, the ball club will flop. Sano and Buxton I believe can flourish under Baldelli, but it's also a question if they will, Their season probably had more to do with Molitor's leaving than anything else (just conjecture). Sano will come back string, I think; Buxton has more challenges. Let's hope Baldelli can get the most out of all the Twins.
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