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  1. The yard sale at Target Field during the last Cleveland series was a goldmine for this. I picked up an Alex Presley jersey and I'm sure the Zack Littel one I got will be obscure after a while. The picture in this post is making me regret I didn't get the Park #52 one that I was considering.
  2. My wife called me at work to complain about the Twins not having made any trades. She became a fan through marriage and I would consider her a little more than just a casual fan, but she has never really paid attention to the trade deadline very much. If she is past disappointment and into anger territory there better be something in the works.
  3. On June 27th Parker loaded the bases against the Rays with no outs in extra innings and got out of it without even giving up a sac fly.
  4. I remember during Adrianza's slow start he was looking completely lost at the plate and then he struck out against Chris Davis in a blowout win versus the Orioles. At that point I thought he was toast and would be DFA'd as soon as another bullpen arm was needed, and I would have been fine with it. Glad that didn't happen and hope he keeps this success up for the whole season and beyond.
  5. Was looking at the videos for the game on mlb.com and they have one titled "Sano, Astudillo on win vs. Angels" but they are actually talking to Arraez. They even show a highlight of Astudillo's single while they are talking to Arraez. Hopefully Arreaz keeps hitting like this and keeps making a name for himself so this mistake doesn't happen again. Great win last night!
  6. If this team wants to be a playoff team then this is a problem. Buxton and Schoop need all the experience they can get against the leagues best if they want to be successful against them in the future.
  7. I would expect Stewart is the one to go down after his start and Magill come up.
  8. Funny thing is baseball savant shows that it was a strike. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/gamefeed?game_pk=564939&game_date=2019-4-21&type=home_batters&chart_view=pitch&chart_type=sbp&inning=9&count=&batter_hand=&pitcher_hand=&filter=&player=home-pitchers_571710&view=Umpire&coloring=Pitch%20Type I thought the system used for the tv broadcasts was the same one MLB was getting their data from, maybe I'm wrong.
  9. In last nights game I think it was Polanco batting and the catcher set up down and away and the pitcher missed down and in with a breaking pitch and the catcher has to reach across the plate and grab the ball with his mitt on the ground. The box on the tv shows it grazed that bottom corner of the strike zone but it was called a ball. Do you really think the pitcher should be rewarded with a strike call in that situation? Also, the last strike called to end the game against Tellez looked to be inside according to the box on the tv, but when I pull up the chart on Baseball Savant it shows the ball split the line on the inside of the plate. That makes me further question the accuracy of the technology.
  10. Also from the article "Ball location can be tracked up to 50 times during each pitch and accuracy is claimed to be within one inch."
  11. The article isn't transparent enough that I would consider those facts. I want to see a spray chart of the location of those 55 so-called missed calls. If 50 of them are belt to thigh high and within 1 inch of the plate then I would say they are within the error band of the tracking system and shouldn't be considered missed calls. Same thing for all the third strike calls. With all the other information they provide, it would seem if this data supported their argument they would have included it to solidify their conclusions.
  12. I don't think I would want pure robo-umps, but I could get behind something like this. If a catcher sets up down and away on a 2 strike pitch and the pitcher misses by a couple feet, but grazes the up and in corner and gets a strike call by a robo-ump that doesn't seem like the "right" call to me. A strike three call on something like that would annoy me way more than a pitcher getting a call when he hits the catchers glove, but the ball may have been an inch off the plate. My biggest concern is the robo-ump would be an overwhelming advantage to pitchers and result in a significant increase in strikeouts and decrease in scoring. If pitchers are getting every pitch that barely clips a corner called a strike they will be good enough to just pound those areas with unhittable pitches and I don't see how that makes the game more enjoyable.
  13. I agree with you, I don't think any of them really need a day off at this point. I was just assuming he would give them days off based on recent statements and lineups. Forgot about Polanco, I hope he doesn't decide Polanco, Rosario and Buxton should all have Thursday off for some getaway day game crap. When it is 2 or 3 regulars a game like in the last two losses it is a bit aggravating on top of the bullpen failures.
  14. I hope we get the A lineup the next two games to try and split the series. Rosario and Buxton haven't been given a day off, hopefully that can wait and be worked into the Baltimore series and then play the A lineup for all three in Houston.
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