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  1. Happy to see Maeda on the mound today. Would have liked to have seen him yesterday, though.
  2. Looks like the Tigers are using this game as situational batting practice. Specifically, men on second and third and nobody out.
  3. I think things would be very different if we had a healthy Buxton, Donaldson and Garver.
  4. Clippard (elbow) played catch Tuesday and could be available to pitch in the team's game against Cleveland, Betsy Helfand of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports. Spin: Clippard was hit by a line drive on his elbow in Sunday's win, but initial imaging came back clean. His throwing session Tuesday apparently went well, and manager Rocco Baldelli said that he'll be available out of the bullpen if needed. The right-hander has been effective for the Twins this season, carrying a 1.42 ERA and 0.79 WHIP over 12.2 innings during 12 appearances (two starts). From ESPN.
  5. They also have to play the 7th and 8th. We have a lot of relievers. Alcala was the only one qualified to pitch in the 9th? How about Clippard? Just seems like we were conceding this game. Maybe was the prudent thing to do in the long run. But I don't have to like it.
  6. I wasn't aware of the rule that Alcala had to face the top of the order at some point.
  7. Interesting. After that terrible ball call on his curveball that was right down the middle, Hill was upset with the ump. But he was also looking upset with the pitch calls, and backed off the rubber in frustration a few times. My thought at that time was that he was frustrated with his rookie catcher. Was surprised to see Hill pulled after striking out the last 4 batters. Looked like he was finally getting in a good rhythm and spotting all of his pitches well. Also agree with TodderHarmon and bringing in Duffey to face the top of their order in the 6th. I think we could have stolen this one. But it's also true, as pointed out above, that we didn't really expect to beat Bieber, and have a chance to win the series today. Just need to see Berrios continue his form from last game.
  8. Pitching and defense. We all knew that was how this team would win games, right?
  9. I'm hoping this is the start of Polanco hitting first regularly against lefties and righties.
  10. Jorge hitting .417 leading off innings. Why not try him as our leadoff hitter?
  11. That doesn't mean you can ignore anything prior to age 26 starts, of which Berrios so far only has 5. And that just happened to be Baker's best year (of three good years his whole career).
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