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  1. I'll go on record that I do not believe Larnach is better than Kirilloff. That being said, if he ends up being better, I'll be pretty happy with that combo of players.
  2. I think there's something to be said about his track record through the minors and how he finished the season.
  3. Mike, My apologies; I should have dated my reference. If I recall correctly, I was referring to prior to the 2015 season.
  4. Balls, but smart balls..... We've seen plenty of examples of teams wading in and looking terrible. The Padres winning free agency comes to mind.
  5. Houston tanked and received good draft positions. Houston was on the forefront of analytic player drafting. Houston was on the forefront of analytic player development. The margin lead they had in these areas is already closing. The Twins window is opening. Guess we will see what the brain trust can pull off and how it goes. They got me to shell out some cash to watch a fun team. The draft is still a crapshoot (convince me otherwise) .
  6. http://www.quickmeme.com/img/95/958a278534504f30e1d04fce2c50818535f926c9e6f0aa5f6fa800f0e3799ad3.jpg
  7. This is your annual automated reminder that Drew Butera is still a big leaguer. Time to hit eBay up for a Sweet Drew throwback...
  8. I purely focused on one sentence in this article "It’s a dubious skill set, to be sure. Like being really good at smoking an entire pack of cigarettes at once." This was gold. Also, I'm very scared that if we gave Rosario this article, he would have the same take away....I hope that's giving him wayyyyyyyy too little credit.
  9. Woof, reading TD was supposed to take my mind of the crappy day I'm having at work....oh well, back to these stacks of paper with impressive looking fonts and charts....
  10. Parker, I understand that movement to a higher attack angle to elevate the ball can cause swings and misses, but that seems somewhat counter-intuitive when the narrative seems to be "get on plane" with the pitch. Being on plan earlier and longer would seem to result in less strikeouts, not more. Thoughts?
  11. I've never watched him pitch, but if I had access, I'd like to see the horizontal movement on his fastball and location of the same. Then how it compares to the horizontal/vertical movement of his off-speed offering. I agree with Swain though, he's really young, with limited reps, adjusting to the bullpen, and probably needs to see some pitch design work. All that said....I'm excited (please don't be Jim Hoey, please don't be Jim Hoey...)
  12. Why should Arraez be on the team? [billy Beane points at Peter Brand]..."Pete?" Peter Brand: "He gets on base."
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