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  1. i agree with the pay him/sign him crowd. HOWEVER! how can he have zero triples over the last two years and 101 games?!?!
  2. my ‘60s experience was somewhat different, ashbury. it was ALL about ripping open that 5-cent pack and rifling through the five minty-fresh cards in hope of finding killebrew, oliva, tovar or the ever-elusive mudcat grant — and the unique thrill when it actually happened. i do agree that it had nothing to do with asset appreciation. but i’d like to think that today’s 10-year-old kid can still find total satisfaction in seeking a similar needle-in-a-haystack thrill.
  3. "i went to the convenience store and the guy was locking the door. i said, 'your sign says open 24 hours.' he said, 'yeah, but not in a row.'"
  4. Alyea impressed his new team with a 4-for-4, 2 HR, 7 RBI performance against the Chicago White Sox. The Twins won the game 12-0, and Calvin Griffith may have thought he found the answer to his team’s troubles against left-handed pitching. Alyea gave Griffith and the Twins ample reason to believe that might be the case with a .415/.473/.774 April. Unfortunately for both Alyea and the Twins the hot start was just that. He came back down to earth and batted just .259/.335/.468 the rest of the season. After a .177/.282/.241 performance in 1971, the Twins let Alyea go in the Rule V draft. He bounced around the league in 1972 attempting to find the magic that propelled him in April of 1970, but was never able to.
  5. twins should start colome, let him give up a few runs, get him out of the way and wage a furious comeback.
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