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  1. mr front-page news in the washington post: Eddie Rosario, who defines himself by big moments, emerges as the Braves’ postseason star https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2021/10/23/eddie-rosario-braves-postseason-star/
  2. good thing danny santana isn’t still with the braves or it’d be 20-2.
  3. i agree with the pay him/sign him crowd. HOWEVER! how can he have zero triples over the last two years and 101 games?!?!
  4. my ‘60s experience was somewhat different, ashbury. it was ALL about ripping open that 5-cent pack and rifling through the five minty-fresh cards in hope of finding killebrew, oliva, tovar or the ever-elusive mudcat grant — and the unique thrill when it actually happened. i do agree that it had nothing to do with asset appreciation. but i’d like to think that today’s 10-year-old kid can still find total satisfaction in seeking a similar needle-in-a-haystack thrill.
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