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  1. Gee, Chief, somehow I got the impression you were a little older than this…
  2. I’m not even listening tonight, but I will agree with this on principle.
  3. 1. Where do I follow from? Wherever, but mostly from my home in northern Indiana. 2. Jobby job? I help individuals change the world by helping them give, in as tax-efficient manner possible, to the non-profit organizations they care about. I help said non-profits tell about their story about the life-changing work they are doing, as they invite said individuals to join the mission with their generosity. I help churches talk about money in healthy ways, including when said church is not asking for money. 3. Hobbies? Baseball, obviously. Traveling with my wife. Riding with her on our recumbent tandem trike. Smoking meat. Personal finance. Oh, and eating chicken! 4. How long? Since my older sister brought home her Twin-loving boyfriend, who would later become my bro-in-law. I was eight or so. (My sister was considerably older!) 5. How many games? Varies. At least 1-2 each year, ranging up to 6-8. 6. Favorite all-timer? Tony O. Tentatively planning a trip to Cooperstown in a few months. 7. Favorite current? Didn’t think I had one, but when I stopped and thought about the excitement Buxton can bring to a moment at any time, it’s probably him. 8. Oddest moment at a game? June 26, 1977. Game has to be stopped because a drunk fan was climbing the left-field foul pole. Said drunk fan grows up to be the Twins official scorer, Stew Thornley. 9. Most memorable thing in person? Same game. Carew goes 4-for-5, drives in six, and ends the day at .403 as the Twins beat the Team That Shall Not Be Named, 19-12. Carew gets half a dozen standing ovations, including from an 11-year-old kid in the right field bleachers, who is there with his sister and now-brother-in-law. Family goes home with two t-shirts from Rod Carew Jersey Day. Said bro-in-law wants one, so he bought an extra two tickets, went in once with under-12 kid to get a shirt, exits, and then enters again with said under-12 kid, this time at the correct gate, in order to get a second shirt. 10. All-time favorite moment? Pinch-hitter Gene Larkin hits a single to left-center.
  4. But let's definitely not try him at catcher. (And I know that's not what you're suggesting.)
  5. After writing the previous, I'll add that I concur. I'd keep it simpler and have him only play 3B and CF in the minors, unless they put him at SS from time to time to stay sharp.
  6. It's fun to speculate on the different scenarios, but the reality is they all change as injuries happen, etc. Urshela hasn't actually played 1B this year. Only three games in the majors, two in 2017 and one in 2019. But the reality is that with Miranda's struggles, 1B is the position that has by far the least flexibility right now in terms of demonstrated ML games. Best I can tell, Arraez is the team leader (11) in career games played at 1B in the majors, followed by Miranda's 8, with a .348 OPS. No one has played significant games in the minors either, unless you count Miranda. So, my .02 worth. They play today and tomorrow, followed by an off day and then a stretch of 18 games in 17 days. That will require particular flexibility on the pitching side, so they may be hard-pressed to keep just 13 pitchers. Right now, there are 12 hitters active. Rocco was quoted as saying Correa won't be back today, but "I think we could see him out there this series." Gee, that leaves Wednesday. Miranda is the obvious send-down in performance, but that leaves only Arraez at 1B, with others as the emergency backup. If you don't like that, you have to keep Miranda, so your options are to send down Lewis or Garlick. Doing the latter means that you only have Buxton, Kepler, Gordon and Celestino in the OF, and you're committed to giving Buxton days off. Or you could send down a pitcher and play a few days with 13 pitchers. But in the upcoming stretch, even in full health, my hunch is that Correa would have gotten at least two days off in the 18 games in 17 day stretch. Coming back from injury, perhaps more. If activated, he'll play Thursday, but perhaps two out of three over the weekend, in which case you want Lewis around. Oh, and how close is Larnach? In my mind, a lot of it comes down to 1B and the comfort level of having only Arraez and an emergency back-up 1B there. I personally take my chances and send Miranda down. In the four days after today, I plan on four days of Arraez at 1B, three days of Correa and one of Lewis at SS. Lewis gets that day at SS, two as DH and a day off. By that time, another IL move will happen -- it just does. If so, Miranda's likely back up, even with the hitting struggles. In the meantime, Urshela's getting ground balls at 1B. I don't see them using Lewis there. Long-term, there's no chance he spends significant time at 1B, so if you're going to get him in the lineup at another defensive spot, make it be one he could conceivably play with regularity if Correa stays around another year. To me, that's only 3B. We mention LF, but we've got other options there and it's next on the defensive scale of easyness, so you don't waste his talent there. Lewis's only real experience is at 3b was in Arizona, but by all accounts, that went well. If he's even close to Urshela defensively and you have to play someone out of position as the backup at 1B, make it be the rental. Oh, and hope Miranda or Kirilloff regroups enough to be able to play 1B. But assuming no one gets hurt today, we'll know soon and then can resume bashing Rocco on how he handles the pitching staff. (Sarcasm alert on the prior phrase.)
  7. Oh, I completely agree -- I just look for any excuse to pull out that clip. Watching it again, I realized that while I thought the "It's real hard" line was the best one, the "Maybe I can teach one of (the fans)" is also pretty awesome.
  8. Attendance at 3,138. If even 32 balls make the stands, you’ve got more than a 1 percent chance. Yeesh.
  9. A little more whipped cream, but yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Actually, “pumpkin” is a misnomer. Mom used squash, and I’ve convinced Mrs. IT to do the same. I’ve no idea why we’ve never called it “squash pie” — there’s not a lick of pumpkin in it.
  10. Still there. Does nature have a more perfect food than a Dane’s chocolate cone? I’ll be partaking within 48 hours. And Golden Delight donuts? So, I was told that one of the locals went to the doc and complained of this insatiable urge to drive there every day (but Sunday, of course). Doc says, “I know what’s going on. You’re suffering from the Kalonavirus.”
  11. I’ve spent $69.99 in plenty of stupid ways over my lifetime (i.e., going 71 in a 55 just west of Muscatine a few years ago), so I’m seriously considering the rest-of-the-season special from MLB.TV. Apologies for asking question you all have dealt with in other threads. I know I’m stuck with not getting games the Twins play against the Cubs, Reds, Tigers and the Team-That-Will-Not-Be-Named because I live in the blackout zone. I’ll still be able to watch them play the Team-That-Will-Not-Be-Named on normal cable, right? How does the whole ZIP code thing operate? If I’m traveling to Iowa, Minnesota or South Dakota on work, which I do a lot, am I going to be subject to those states’ lockout rules? Or will blackout still operate off my home ZIP code? But in the case of blackout games, am I remembering correctly that I’ll be able to watch them after the fact? Something like 90 minutes later. What else didn’t I ask that I should have?
  12. I live in Indiana now, but get back home regularly for work. I was just introduced to Wig and Pen on a recent trip. Definite winner.
  13. My mom constantly made a rhubarb custard meringue. She is an awesome cook, second-best in the world, actually,* but I just couldn’t dig it. Got me soured on all things rhubarb. Then this lady at church made a rhubarb crisp. Oh my, was I so wrong. *My wife has taken Mom’s pumpkin pie recipe to a whole new level. Sorry, what’s been happening in the game? I lost all focus while thinking about the pie.
  14. Welcome to TD. Go Hawks. Looking forward to my first taste of Dane’s Dairy this weekend. Ever go to the Cheese Factory southwest of town on Highway 1? If so, you were within three miles of the farm I grew up on.
  15. If it’s as entertaining as the GT intro, it’s a winner. I look forward to giving it a shot. If it’s cool with the moderators to shamelessly plug it this way, I’d certainly be in favor of your putting together a blog about it, so it would be easier to remember where to find the link.
  16. Well, do wah, diddy diddy, now we have the stupid rule with the Manfred Man on second base.
  17. Indeed. I can't believe it didn't make this list: https://kidadl.com/quotes/john-mckay-quotes-from-the-american-football-legend
  18. Or less depth. If the Twins have Rogers, they don't have Pagan OR Paddack. And if they don't have Paddack, somebody needs to start four more games. We don't know who that will be, but having Paddack on board makes it easier to take Jax out of the mix as a starter. Taking him out of the bullpen lessens the depth there. Or Winder's in the rotation earlier, missing out on several excellent relief outings. It's early, but as I note above, I think it's a win for both teams to date. Yippee for the Padres in getting the 11.2 great innings of Rogers to date, but I'm glad the Twins have gotten 31 innings from Pagan and Paddack so far. I think they've benefited more from 31 innings of those two than they would in having 11.2 innings of Rogers and 19.1 innings scattered across others.
  19. And $3.125M for Maeda, but your point still stands.
  20. 1. Is the one season of Rogers worth more than the combined seasons of Paddack and Pagan. 2. And we can still sign Rogers if the Padres don't extend him. We probably won't, but naming that possibility points to the reality that we're only guaranteed to have lost one season of Rogers.
  21. Blown saves in a team context isn't that helpful to begin with, even when discounting for the SSS of less than 30 games played to date. The three blown saves in question for the Twins are: 1. Duffey gives up two in the 9th in a 4-3 loss on 4/9. Purely a blown save. 2. Duffey gives up two runs (and the lead) in the 6th on 4/19. That's considered a blown save because he could have theoretically gone four innings to get the save, but that wasn't going to happen. 3. Pagan gives up a run in the 8th on 4/26. Again, it's considered a blown save because he could have gone 1.2 innings to get the save. Twins win anyway by scoring two in the ninth. "Blown saves" haven't cost the Twins much in their 11 losses. Scoring 18 total runs in those games is what cost them.
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