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  1. Rodon's contract would have been a disaster. San Fran would expect a bigger payout because he also has a year and half, but he will opt out in 2023, unless he sucks or gets hurt. So the Twins would either have a high cost hurt/crappy SP in 2023, or no SP in 2023.
  2. He mashes. He is also young and can improve. Plus, I am talking about a scenario where the Front Office decides the can't compete this year. Twins have a lot of players who need a spot in the lineup and Urshela isn't one. When healthy, Lewis, Larnach, Kiriloff and Miranda should be regulars.
  3. Fair on Sanchez. Kepler would disappoint fans and they probably wouldn't do it with Larnach hurt. Urshela is expendable. 3B is Miranda's spot. They could even sell on Urshela and trade for a DH and improve the team.
  4. I'm curious as to the trade values of the trades so far. Are people overpaying per the values you were using? I'd do any of those trades except #3. I kinda wonder if the Twins go into a mini-selloff mode if they think they are out of it. I doubt they pull off a Correa blockbuster at a risk of alienating the entire fan base, but they have some pieces they could trade that aren't long term losses. Not sure if they'd get much back, but Urshela, Sanchez, Kepler and any RP not named Duran come to mind.
  5. Might be a very astute deal for them. They won't keep Hader after this year. Rogers probably bounces back and gives them a great 2 months. I know nothing about Lamet, but internally, Devin Williams is ready to take over as closer and Boxburger, Miner and Gustave have been really good.
  6. Buy 2 or 3 relief pitchers. Get Castillo, Mahle or the A's started. Potentially trade Urshela to free up 3b for Miranda or Steer.
  7. Go compare Paddack to Kyle Gibson. First 3 years are very similar in results (ERA, FIP, etc). Paddack started his career 3 years younger than Kyle Gibson. Paddack had way more strikeouts and way fewer walks than Gibson. Gibson really took a leap in his 5th year, 4th year was still a struggle. Gibson was a higher draft pick, but both were in the minors as highly rated prospects. Paddack broke into the big leagues 3 years earlier than Gibson and has a lot better stuff it seems. At a minimum, this seems like 1 year Taylor Rogers for 2-3 years of good Kyle Gibson and a 2 years of a serviceable to good RP. I mean, there is a chance that Paddack and Pagan are more valuable to the Twins this year than Rogers would have been. Not much worse than 50/50 I'd say. Long term, this was a fantastic trade for the Twins. Honestly, this might even make Correa more likely to stick around. If the Twins had picked up Mannaea instead and gotten into the playoffs but not made the World Series, would Correa stick around? Rogers would be leaving, Mannaea would be gone, Now, if Paddack improves and Pagan regains his Tampa form, you are looking good in 2023. Gray, Maeda, Paddack, Ryan, best rookie RP has the makings of a great rotation. You only need to hit on one of the rookies. If more of them hit, you've got some great trade chips (not just them, but Paddack himself could be a great trade chip) Duran, Alcala, Tampa Pagan could be a great backend of the bullpen.
  8. And lose both Manaea and Rogers at the end of the season. This is a great trade long term for a slight risk to 2022. No brainer.
  9. Not to mention, you would never pair up two blue chip trade pieces in a single trade. 9 times out of 10 you would get more for them in 2 separate trades.
  10. Yeah, there goes that benefit. And I'm not pushing their agenda, nor do I agree with it. Its just a fact that the Twins effectively have to compete with their own self imposed salary cap.
  11. Another potential benefit of this trade. $3M savings on payroll. We don't know the exact limit the owners have given the front office, but that does free up money for the front office to play with in other deals.
  12. Man, you'd think after a few years with Baldelli and this front office, fans would look outside the box. The Twins aren't going to have a 5 man rotation this year. Its going to be something weird, no doubt. Joe Ryan has never pitched more than 123 innings. Bailey Ober has never pitched more than 125 innings. Winder has never pitched more than 125 innings. Balazovich has never pitched more than 100 innings. Obviously Gray will go every 5th day. Bundy can go every 5th day. Ryan and Ober might start going every 5th day, but they will wear down. Paddock is way better with an extra day of rest. Ober was incredible the first time through the opener. Baldelli would really manage this team with Openers, then starters going 3-5 innings, then go to the bullpen. Yeah, losing Rogers sucks, but if the bullpen without him is going to prevent a successful season, then keeping him isn't going to turn them into a World Series team. Obviously they are going to go with a Closer by committee. They already started doing this with Rogers, by pitching him in the high leverage situations. With Duffy, Alcala, Pagan, you have 3 guys who have had success in high leverage situations in teh past. Stashak has been great at times,b ut not consistant. Joe Smith seems solid. Duran and Jax are a wildcards. If Archer rebounds and the young starters are solid, then Paddock could be a really good bullpen piece. Thielbar, Romero, Coulombe and Romera are depth (and expendable if someone needs to get added to the 40 man). Getting value from Rooker makes sense. If you need to add Garlick, you now drop your lowest rung RP off the 40 man.
  13. If they can't win with this Pen, then Taylor Rogers wasn't going to be the savior that allowed them to win with this Pen.
  14. Nah, younger, cheaper, more control, better stuff and potential to turn it around, His stats aren't great lately, so probably not super costly. Worth a shot. Sounds like he's got a good FB/Changeup. Wonder if the Twins staff can work on a better third pitch. If not, convert him to a reliever. He's fantastic first time through the order. Maybe they go to a 6 man rotation. He is a ton better with an extra day or two of rest. With Ryan, Ober, other rookies and a recovering Archer, that may make a ton of sense. Assuming the trade value isn't insane, I'd be good with it. If it happens, I bet its part of a bigger deal.
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