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  1. Assume with 15 hours to discuss this, Twins know Enlow parameters to sign.. A more traditional pick.
  2. Some other threads reference Levi Michael. At a surface level, he reminds me of Pat Meares. Not a good or bad thing, while at what point does he get a chance or not.
  3. I really enjoyed this article. Thank you. When Morneau was ready, room was made at first. When the White Sox decided Paul Konerko was near the end, they moved on Abreu, were overt about it, and provided him a soft landing and celebrated his years of service. I'm not saying the Twins would, but moving Mauer to a part-time player down the stretch of his contract makes a lot of sense. I understand the financial side while I've heard that even the merchandise sales and other financial benefits more than covered the contract, so why not phase him out on a reunion tour Konerko kind of way or if he isn't happy with that, then would probably approve a trade (eat money with it) or flat out release, while hopefully doesn't come to that. I understand the love hate relationship with Joe, more specifically the contract. I have been lucky to see him play and appreciate his talent and overall performance. I don't want to cast him aside as he means a lot to this franchise while it seems there are other options than sitting out 3 more years. I struggle to accept the fact that we have 3 more years of Maurer at first, blocking a number of 'potential' replacements with high upside for next 10 years. I don't want to turn this thread into a Mauer bash as I am not in that camp, but IF Kepler keeps up this growth and performance into mid-2016, he deserves a chance and the marketing associated with a German (Global) could be very lucrative to the financially minded Twins, not to mention where Sano finds a position. Maybe Kepler is an outfielder I'd just hate to play him out of position as he is appearing to be an elite future, IF he keeps developing at this pace.
  4. Wasn't Doug M to Fort Myers somehow family related as I remember? What was the story there and assuming he moves, I assume that situation has changed?
  5. I agree. Your post rings with many of us, just that many of us don't dare speak as afraid our wives may read this!
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