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  1. I thought this was intriguing a few weeks ago...today, not interested...TFelton
  2. I wouldn't sleep on Kepler in September. TFelton
  3. Pitching I suppose, but I am not connected to any sources yet it just doesn't seem like there are any sparks. I'd like to ride this out in 2017, as I don't think we have the horsepower to be a serious contender to win it, while I am recently enjoying the surge. Hey, if they make the playoffs, awesome. Gosh, the last couple innings are painful to experience right now without Kinzler (seriously, he was somewhat 9th inning sane). If they miss down the stretch in September, then I look to 2018. I am OK with it, considering my 2017 expectations were a lot lower than it appears we are looking. TFelton
  4. Assume with 15 hours to discuss this, Twins know Enlow parameters to sign.. A more traditional pick.
  5. Back on topic... TFelton would be surprised if Dozier isn't traded somewhere before Spring Training. It needs to happen.
  6. Appropriate. Carew was a Dude.
  7. Glad you said it. As athletic as he is, it doesn't look athletic.
  8. Absolutely. I only saw Murphy in a couple of games so wasn't under-selling him, as his arm was very noticeable and great to see. JR got a great applause in Bradenton as he is a hometown boy from there. It seemed the games I saw normally had Hicks there and usually on the upper dugout step or warming up the pitcher, and engaged. Again, early, but I like what I saw at Catcher.
  9. Unfortunately, I am flying home tonight as need to get back to work... My family was there for first 3 games then home since kids in school and don't think they would have enjoyed 7 games but 2-3 was fine for them.
  10. Saw Ricky's first game in ST and it was a lot of nibbling and missing spots. It felt eerily familiar. I heard he was better in 2nd game but I was with the other split squad.
  11. Started at opening night at Hammond and ended in Hammond with stops in Bradenton, Port Charlotte, and Dunedin. Was at every game but 1 before gates opened to let my eyes and ears absorb and process. (No particular order) 1.). Kepler - he'll push a decision soon. Like how he carries himself. He has grown up and looks and plays like he belongs. 2.) Hicks - Catcher from Seattle. He's pretty good and commands a presence with his size and seems to really fit in and throws pretty good. JR Murphy seems quieter but watched him throw rockets to second we haven't seen here in a while. 3.) Polanco - didn't have most successful in-game at bats but solid up the middle in BP and games. Really want him to be a 2017 MLB asset and appears an able 2016 fill in, and Veilma is little but he is learning to hit to go along with a nice glove..not ready but like what I saw all around. 4.) Buxton - glove and arm yes plus. Even in BP, was more disappointed in the bat than I hoped. Not sure what to say. 5.) Park - he can catch up to 92-93 mph w a homer and hard single..early yes while against mlb pitchers early in the games. Fingers crossed. 6.) Sano - made routine catches. Know it is early in Spring while watched him play a couple liners into base hits. Tulo tried to stretch one of them in a double and Sano gunned him, then Nunez bowed and waved his cap to him while laughing so not sure if it was the fielding or throw he was referencing. 7.) Sweeney - he surprised me to the good. Quentin is working hard just don't see it. 8.) Starters - Berrios was clearly nervous only time I saw him home opener night, he'll be fine. Was hoping he'd push in Spring. Milone looked sharp, Duffey had a couple bad pitches in the Dunedin wind otherwise looks confident and belongs. May needs to start (see relievers). Kid Rosario was more impressive than I expected him to be while Dean has good stuff for soft tossing lefty I just don't see it long term. 9.) Relievers - a lot of lefties in the grab bag.. I guess chose one from 2-4 of them others not so much. Reed, Burdi, and Chargios have velo. Watched Chargois throw all off speed to a Philly named Stalli (?) to start JT's inning today. Was feeling worried about an injury until saw some smiles after the ab between hitter and pitcher (that was cool to see) then the gas returned for next couple hitters. Melotakis looked ok while don't know why expected more so soon. Reed and Burdi soon in mlb me thinks. 10.) Said a 30 second hello to TR and St Peter on different days and didn't want to linger but they wanted to know where I was from, how many games I was going to, what I thought...i just wanted to wish them good luck and thank them for Twins baseball. TFelton
  12. On my way to Fort Myers today for home opener. Will be there 7 days watching the Twins. I've met Seth at a Target Field game but no one else yet. 13 yr old daughter along tonight and wife and 15 yr old boy join us tomorrow for Pirates game. Couple flights from home to get there and it has been 5-6 years so real excited. I will be the middle aged, out of shape, greying guy, wearing Twins apparel, like many others I guess... TFelton
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