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  1. I'll keep an eye out for it - in most cases I've noted the page stops rendering altogether. It will time out after a bit, but you're left with a mostly blank screen.
  2. I thought I'd mention this in case anyone else is experiencing it - I've not been able to open an individual post / thread on a mobile browser for about a week or so. For whatever reason, I can 'touch' a thread title (or blog post title) and it does nothing but freeze the browser. I haven't investigated to see if there is a blocking JavaScript process or some other error happening. It's pretty consistent on Google Chrome running on my iPhone 8.
  3. Where the 'metrics' have impacted the game has been the ability to train for small improvements. Old days: "If you want to really sneak one past Babe Ruth, you gotta pitch low and put a little english on the ball." Today: "If you want to really sneak one past Babe Ruth, we've analyzed that his contact percentage on low and away breaking balls is 27% less, and we've determined that if Bob Pitcher wipes his forehead twice, touches the rosin bag once then sets his shoulder to a 27 degree angle on the windup the low and away pitch breaks at a 55% faster rate." The ability to train and coach for those kinds of scenarios can make a big difference over the course of a game. For whatever reason in the pitcher vs. hitter scenarios, the small improvements - even without sticky stuff - seem to favor the pitchers more than the batters in 2021.
  4. Also, in looking up the people that work in those functions for the team, I am super amused that Mitch Garver has a LinkedIn profile. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mitch-garver-028910a0
  5. This is one of those things I never really thought about, but of course the team has a dedicated technology / operations group to support the organization. Just where are the team offices actually located?
  6. Agreed with all of this. Rogers / Duffey are both the type of pitchers that are solid relievers that the team could put on the free market, but then have to replace them with what? It actually seems like in the latter half of the year the Alcala / Duffey / Theilbar (and presumably Rogers) group could give the team a pretty solid core in the bullpen. The team is also a markedly different team when Buxton is in center field (and the plate) that would go a long way to resolve some long term problems if he can even stay in the lineup for half the year. I would imagine that at some point his style of play will also adapt to be less 'hard contact' that seemed to be the case for most of this year. (Not sure how the hip injury happened, but getting hit in the fingers with a fastball was freakish bad luck.)
  7. Missing velocity has been pretty evident in where the team is with closers. It seems we haven't had a really strong swing-and-miss closer for a long time.
  8. Yup. The most memorable short performance by a reliever I can recall offhand was marveling at Tyler Duffey in his first appearance since he got a little heated in New York. The movement on these pitches is mind blowing for not having 'sticky stuff'. On the flip side, there was Duran early in the year throwing straight gas:
  9. Agreed on the Simmons debacle. I would be in agreement with the FO, though, should they go out and find another SS in free agency for all of the conventional wisdom reasons (Polanco & the ankles are happy and productive at 2nd, Arraez’ knees aren’t great to have at SS, Gordon just doesn’t seem to have the natural arm strength to be a dependable player there.) I also don’t think the team should press too hard / give up too much to bring Cruz back. There’s a glut of corner / DH kind of guys now and a lack of center depth and pitching; I’d rather the team spend effort and resources on the latter. However, I’m totally on board with offering him whatever coaching job he wants when the time comes if that’s what he wants to do.
  10. “Look - legally you have to give up something in a trade. Don’t you have a dollar in your pocket or something?”
  11. Right. There’s a difference between serious discussion and “just asking”.
  12. Yup, yup, yup. This likely won't be the best team BIlly G puts on the ice - things are on an upswing. A young and (after this preseason) surprisingly deep team might make some noise this year in the playoffs; will only get better as Spurgeon, Dumba, Foligno grow into leadership roles, Ek and Kaprisov solidify their game and young guys (Boldy, Rossi, Beckman) learn theirs. If you haven't been in on this - now's a good time. Plus, that Winter Classic in Target Field is a pretty good tie between franchises on other sides of the river. BONUS: baseball and hockey seasons dovetail almost perfectly.
  13. On the Kirilloff front: have we heard anything about how recovery from wrist surgery is going, or Larnach's issue that put him on the IL at the end of season? More than anything recovery from injury is going to tell the tale next year. We're not even sure if Larnach's injury impacted his hitting in the last half of the season: they just shut him down in the last month or so.
  14. This was pretty exciting to see happen live:
  15. This is a great thread bump. I introduced my youngest to Strat O Matic this year and we've had a great time with the "2020" set (not "2020 re-imagined"). Anyone have fun customizations (cigar box stadiums, etc.)?
  16. What's the axiom here: if you want a good major league pitching prospect you first have to have at least six minor league pitching prospects?
  17. Right - there's not many media markets any longer where the sports section is the driver of subscribers / revenue that it used to be. The Athletic is a case where the writing is the subscription model, but it's apparently not enough to offset what the old newspaper model would make with advertising and classified listings. The Athletic has been unique in trying to sell directly what we all used to pay newspapers for. In my local (admittedly smaller) media market it's obvious that the revenues of the newspapers is nowhere near enough to keep an active group of writers working, much less travel / incidental pay to have a beat writer actually follow the team. Most local sportswriting has just turned into regurgitating whatever the Twitter argument of the day is for the shrinking revenue base that subscribes to the paper.
  18. I’m a subscriber and really enjoy what seems to be the last bastion of good daily professional sportswriting. This, however, does not seem great.
  19. We can hope that he can find his way back to baseball - if he had a second surgery months after the second that sure doesn’t sound positive.
  20. I had a bunch of authentication issues with a Firestick - couldn't log in for some reason and didn't dig much harder; nice to know that it's workable. There was a St. Paul at Omaha game where Ian Hamilton was pitching. For whatever reason the camera angle was such where you couldn't really see half the plate due to the angle: just Hamilton's back. It was great fun to scroll through the Class A video feeds - so many ballparks in the early part of the season that looked like they mounted a webcam in a (mostly) empty stadium.
  21. The reporting from this weekend sure made it sound that way as well. The plans had been made, they just needed to wait for the moment to announce what was happening. Given that Bell passed before the season and Evers was obviously on the glide path to retirement there are probably some people already on the short list.
  22. It turned out to be an eventful lunch break today:
  23. If it comes to pass, I'll go kick the dirt with you.
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