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  1. Switching over to MLB's "Big Inning" after the Twins game jumped right to this at bat: https://ftw.usatoday.com/lists/dodgers-brusdar-graterol-silly-102-mph-pitch
  2. If a player is called up to the 40-man but not played, does that still entitle them to the post-retirement benefits (e.g. health plans, etc.) of an MLB player? UPDATE: A Google link says 'yes' https://www.bclplaw.com/en-US/insights/blogs/benefits-bclp/major-league-baseball-pension-and-healthcare-benefits.html If Maggi does decide to call it quits at age 32 after this season - that's one hell of a benefit. Even if Rocco didn't play him (boo) having him sit on the bench in Toronto is hardly a slap in the face.
  3. The AAA players would only be getting 10 days off this time around.
  4. I find it interesting that when it comes to special events in the NHL, the teams are 'consulted' but the design choices are ultimately the decision of the league office. The good news is that they've done a remarkable job - from introducing the North Stars / Reverse Retro for the Wild or this year's Winter Classic jerseys. Truthfully, I was a little 'meh' on the Wild Winter Classic jerseys until I read the press release about the league wanting to highlight the minor league history of Minneapolis / St. Paul minor league hockey. It's a purposeful echo of Minnesota baseball history - the Wild will be playing in those jerseys under the giant "Minnie and Paul" sign that ties together the special histories of baseball / Twins and hockey / Wild in the Twin Cities metro. Now I'm actually fired up about the whole idea. https://www.nhl.com/wild/news/wild-winter-classic-jersey-100421/c-326079228
  5. I agree. Even though I get the little nostalgia dopamine hit from the baby blues, once in a great while is often enough. I'm also of the mindset of it being great to either bring back the pinstripe creams as an alternate, or just bring back the pinstripes for the normal home jersey. I don't know why, but the plain white is just a little too 'blah'. I've also always preferred the script "Twins" over the block letter look.
  6. My favorite currently is the navy alternate; it’s the classic script with a bit more modern design (yes, even the gold). Unfortunately they replaced the off-white pinstripes which is my favorite of all the Twins uniforms.
  7. If there's going to be a position player pitching... it's time for Rortvedt.
  8. So who's left to pitch the second game today? If this one goes to extras, might have to finish the second game with a pitching machine.
  9. If I interpreted Shoemaker's comments correctly, he felt that the pitching coaches were expecting pitchers to pitch to a certain type of plan. I would have interpreted that generously as "they didn't let us pitch as individuals", but in Shoemaker's case there are also some obvious ways his game needs to change. I've also never read / heard anyone downgrading the clubhouse atmosphere as being terrible. Maybe Hrbek would complain if the trainers felt that an ice cream sandwich dunked in a beer wasn't a proper training diet for an athlete.
  10. If anything, seeing a starter effectively go that deep into a game certainly makes bullpen issues easier to resolve.
  11. My thought is that we'll trade some corner depth (LF/RF, 1B/3B) for pitching prospects. I don't see it really being Polanco or Arraez just because the Twins really seem to lack options when it comes to 2B/SS/CF both on the MLB club and in the minors. I think Polanco stays where he is at 2B and Arraez is a depth piece there or in the corners. On the other hand, when Kirilloff returns next Spring - where does he fit? Would the Twins look to move a Sano / Kepler to bring in a Kirilloff / Miranda / Larnach? I'll note that I have a particular emotional attachment I can't explain to Kepler / Buxton / Polanco / Rogers. There could be a perfectly logical reason to trade any of them but I'll still be mad.
  12. The order you listed is probably close to what many of us already think. I also would really like to see the Strotman / Balazovich / Duran, etc, list of prospects improve and/or return to full health and contribute down the stretch to the MLB club, even if it is as depth pieces for stretches of the season. OFFSEASON PREDICTION: We're going to trade a position player we really like for more AAA potential pitching prospects.
  13. It will be interesting to find out more about Larnach's injury. He was a guy that looked like the real deal early on that struggled with breaking balls, then continued to struggle more than we would have liked at AAA. Kirilloff in retrospect has / had that incredible ability to completely adjust his hitting style after the wrist injury. Assuming rehab goes well he seems to be the kind of guy that will bounce back pretty well.
  14. Totally agree. Gordon doesn't seem to be the 'everyday starter' type of player anymore either, just due to his problems with health / weight, etc. I also can't imagine the Twins adding Maggi to the 40 man roster at this point of his career. That has the feeling of 'total disaster', even though the Twins org in general seems pretty short of middle infielder prospects.
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