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  1. Recall the data that helped influence Twins' strategy earlier in the Yankee series. Inexperienced Jax came in to pitch a critical situation. Some felt it was an okay managerial move considering the fact that it's likely Chapman would have come in and mopped up if the Twins kept it close. It's impossible to predict what happened to Twins hitters in the 9th inning last night. That sort of thing is rare and exciting, to be sure, but because we're talking about human beings anything is always possible. If Chapman is in complete command, he dominates. Or he can only throw fastballs and leave them f
  2. Like all of you, I am a passionate Twins fan. I am watching the Twins this year with as keen an interest as always, but for a different reason. It is fascinating (and depressing) to watch a team of proud, talented athletes implode. The confusion, the doubt, the lack of energy, the lack of clutch anything...this is weird and intriguing simultaneously. Btw, I am pleased I found this site, as I enjoy and benefit from reading the thoughtful and informed contributors posting here.
  3. Sorry - there is a big difference between the 8th and 9th innings. Nevertheless, the point I would make is that while the metrix might reveal that the Twins' chances of winning at the point Jax entered the game were slim, what is your strategy? Do you stay competitive and do what you can do to try and win the game or do you throw out a genuine first timer and see what he can do? I prefer the former, especially in a two-run game. What do you think Twins' players thought when they watched Jax enter the game? ...That the team was going to fight it out to the bitter end? Every game is critical,
  4. Roco Baldelli knows more about baseball in the first five minutes of each day than I have accumulated in all of my fading life, but I cannot understand why he brings in a young man to make his MLB debut in the 8th inning versus the Yanks with the game still up in the air. Injuries to key players have kept this Twins team from finding a team mojo, but in a critical (they're all critical now) game versus the Yanks with lots of momentum at stake, Baldelli seemingly throws in the towel. And why start Austidillo at third in such a momentum game? Is that what the metrix are telling Baldelli? Was it
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