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  1. What the Twins really need is for Buxton, Sano, and Berrios to become the super stars that we were hoping they would become. Can we even call them stars?? How many All Star games have the the three of them been in?? And yet we're already talking about them becoming free agents!!! Every very good team needs a few superstars surrounded by good players, who are the Twins superstars?? If two out of the three would emerge as truly great players, then you could build around them, make a big trade or two, but at this point is just a 'poke and hope'. Hope that they emerge so the other moves the front office makes pans out.
  2. Disapointing to hear of Donaldsons injury, especially when you hear 'he has a history of calf injuries'. Where were the Twins trainers?? They should have been on top of that and working with him every day. And then there the often injured Buxton. Its a head shaker. At some point it has to more than just 'bad luck'. I hope the Twins don't give up any top prospects in a trade, MLB is only one or two Covid breakouts from having to cancel their already shortened season.
  3. Until our fearless leaders promote and start wearing a mask, the people that follow them won't wear a mask.
  4. No way would I goto a game right now. Cheap tickets and 25% capacity would be tempting but you'd still run into lots of people in the concourses that a) don't have masks on don't even try to social distance. And part of the charm of going to a game at Target Field is having a beer or two and sampling the food. If you couldn't stay away from people, I would not go.
  5. Hopefully hes learned that he doesn't need to run thru walls to be a good defender, and learned that he can help the team more by being on the field than the injured list.
  6. How does something like this happen?? He's been back and forth many times, shouldn't getting a visa be automatic by now?? Can someone explain the whole visa process??
  7. The list seems short of true defensive centerfielders, who is in line to come up when Buxton hurts himself by trying to run thru a wall again?
  8. Looking at your 2019 list, where is Luis Arráez?? How can he make it to the big league team and not even be ranked?? Who will be the 2020 surprise??
  9. These are the types of informative articles that I like on Twins Daily and the reason that I log in. Thanks!!! Keep it up!!!!
  10. I like the way the new regime will put an injured player on the injured list right away and bring up a replacement player. It used to drive me crazy when they'd have an injured player sitting on the bench, wouldn't put in on the IR list, but then Gardy would complain about being shorthanded. A head shaker...
  11. I liked this line from the original article by Seth: And keep an eye on the phone, always looking to make a big addition in July… or June… or May! Jump in and make a trade in late May or June before teams start to get desperate at the trade deadline, forcing the price up. I think they do need to add more pitching before spring training, with the poor starting pitching, the bullpen is going to get wore down.
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