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  1. DIdnt think about that, but I bet thats part of it. https://www.cbsnews.com/minnesota/news/its-long-overdue-twin-cities-doctor-urging-twins-to-update-minnie-paul-logo-to-reflect-diversity/ I have no problem with it, but man, is there a certain portion of the fan base thats going to freak out.
  2. WOAH! This is Lance Murdock erasure, and I personally wont stand for it!
  3. make sure to get a first game certificate as well, some ushers have them, otherwise they have them by 113 at guest services.
  4. but they DO impact other people. because viruses are contagious. So, Im saying in matters of public health, sometimes personal choice gets trumped for the greater good. like how we give up personal choices of driving where and when we want, and agree on stopping at red lights.
  5. Im not talking about taking away personal choice, I'm saying that their argument doesnt hold water.
  6. The hole in this argument is, it can be used to justify drunk driving. same argument. "if people are scared about drunk drivers/COVID, they can stay off the road/stay home". "My liver/immune system is great, alcohol/COVID doesnt affect me the same".
  7. Agree, Pagan owned up to it. I disagree with his choice, but he at least didnt try to throw a pity party for himself. I havent heard anything from Thielbar or Megill, but Kepler's comment was tone deaf, and much of the reason I am annoyed with him.
  8. Because, according to Kepler, (paraphrasing) its sad that the whole team can't be together. yeah it is, but its because of a deliberate choice he made. If he wanted the team to be more whole, he could have.
  9. When it comes to public health issues, choices of others have large ramifications. but my point was saying "its part of the game" is a poor reason. These are deliberate choices made by players that have an effect on the team. getting hit by a ball and breaking a bone is part of the game, needing TJ surgery is part of the game. a deliberate non-choice is part of life, but not that game.
  10. This difference is this one is a choice. everyone missed 2020, Correa, Ryan, et al got a disease. injuries/illnesss/life issues are not choices that could have been avoided. the players that were placed on the restricted list could have made a decision anytime in the past year and a half that would allow them to play in Toronto.
  11. Im doctor, and this line "now runs a medical consultancy firm for insurance companies looking to deny benefits.". *chef's kiss*. It is truly amazing how many times I order something, get told to do a "peer to peer", (where I have to talk to a doctor from the insurance company to get something approved), and just by calling them, "Oh yeah, its aprroved, we are good to go". It is such a scam, just meant to waste time and save some money by hoping people dont call. *gets off soapbox*
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