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  1. Where are all the Twins fan rubes who were having seizures a year ago when the Twins weren’t pursuing big name trades and/or signings for pitchers such as Craig Kimbrel. These non geniuses exhibit class envy by dogging the Pohlads and are idiots. Falvey and Levine have been exceptional in building a World Series contender. Rubes - go away. Your comments show how unknowledgeable you really are.
  2. Twins braintrust will toss and turn all night knowing they blew it because of the negative comments on this thread. If you doubters would have just sent the Twins your draft suggestions in three years the Twins would be guaranteed to be World Series winners. For all you doubters I suggest you keep your day jobs.
  3. Nick deserves to be called out. He obviously thinks he has life all figured out for not only himself but for everyone else too. Typical leftist. Hopefully he stops using his forum for anything other than baseball. Then readers can ascertain if he has anything interesting or relevant to say. I doubt it because that would take focus on his part.
  4. Nick Why Twins Daily allows your political rants is beyond me. Your statement “ our country is broken “ is typical leftist agenda. I am sure the vast majority of Twins fans would much rather leave politics to a different venue. Your calling out Kepler on Twins Daily because he doesn’t meet your standards is pathetic. Twins Daily is not the place to have a political discussion. I for one think using Twins Daily for your posturing is immature and wrong placed.
  5. Will be very interesting to watch Garver this year. Took him a long time time to arrive. Late arrival probably due to Terry Ryan’s regime not properly developing their minor league players. Wishing nothing but the best for Garver to stay successful and make some money during his career.
  6. Oh really. Do you think the Twins FO would not now trade Cave back to Yankees for Gil ? Cave is a AAAA caliber player. Gil is 21 with high 90s heat. Rated Yankees 4th best prospect. And you thinkTwins won the trade. Wow. Not very insightful.
  7. Trade Cave before 2020 season starts. He has no future with Twins after this season. Try to make a deal like Yankees did in getting Gil for Cave. Yankees won that trade. Yankees Gil has huge upside. Cave’s Twins career could easily been replaced by LaMonte Wade.
  8. Cave is way over rated. Hope Twins trade him before season starts. Rather have Wade. Luis Gil was traded to Yankees for Cave and Gil is now the Yankees 4th rated prospect. Bummer. Rather we had kept Gil.
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