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  • Yankees: Move Make-Up Game to 2022

    RandBalls Stu

    Team says the opportunity to emotionally wreck the Twins for an extra day in 2022 outweigh potential 2021 playoff benefits.

    Image courtesy of Chanan Greenblatt on Unsplash

    The New York Yankees have petitioned Major League Baseball to reschedule last Sunday’s postponed game versus the Minnesota Twins to 2022.

    While make-up games are ordinarily played in the same season, the Yankees claim that there are special circumstances about this matchup that make it more favorable to play next year.

    “We won’t bore you with tall tales of competitive balance or fresh legs,” said a team spokesperson. “Another loss to the Yankees in 2021 is meaningless to this broken, beaten franchise. You can’t steal from the man who has nothing! We want the Twins to suffer. The suffering is why.”

    Sources in the Yankees front office say they’re confident they will not need an extra win over Minnesota this season as they fight for a playoff spot. Instead, the chance to inflict ceaseless pain and torment on the Twins and their fanbase is the club’s primary focus.

    “Every baseball team, even Baltimore, exits Spring Training with optimism,” said the spokesperson. “Snuffing that optimism out is delicious. Snuffing that optimism out of the Twins is beyond delicious. The tears of stoic Upper Midwesterners just taste a little saltier. You can tell it hurts. The tears have meaning, purpose.”

    The Twins aren’t scheduled to play New York until June 7, 2022, when they begin a three-game series at Target Field.

    “There is an open date on Monday, June 6,” said a Yankees source. “Can you just imagine if the Twins have turned things around and are leading the AL Central after Memorial Day? And then for four days, just a constant pummeling in front of their loving fans. Night after night after night after night. A couple 15-2 beatdowns, a couple 11-10 comebacks with blown saves. It’s happening again. You’re powerless to stop it. And there are three more days left in New York in case the light of hope flickers anew. You fools. You fools.”

    The source then cackled for 45 minutes straight.

    Image license here.



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    Every now and then, Stu's column veers from satire into cold, hard reality. Youch.

    "“Can you just imagine if the Twins have turned things around and are leading the AL Central after Memorial Day?"

    The joke's on them, though. I can't even imagine this in 2022. Go ahead, Yankees - do your worst.

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