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Your 2021 (former) Minnesota Twins playoff roster


Baseball has arrived at the LCS for both leagues and the Twins are watching from home again.  Twins fans can either wait until 2022, pick a playoff team or try Twins fantasy playoff baseball by connecting the dots of former Twins players listed on the 40 man roster for each of the playoff teams.  Don’t forget that the 40 man roster includes injured players and players in the minor leagues.

There are 19 former Twins players spread between the 10 teams participating in the 2021 playoffs.  Please add to the roster if a former Twin is missing from the list.

9 batters, 3 starting pitchers, 6 middle relievers and 1 closer are on this Twins fantasy baseball playoff roster.

The 9 batters consist of 5 switch hitters, 3 lefties and 1 right-handed hitter.  Feel free to reconfigure the following batting order but this lineup can load up righties or lefties and has a lefty-righty progression.

1 Hicks, Aaron-CF (S) 2 Santana, Danny-2B (S) 3 Rosario, Eddie-LF (L) 4 Cruz, Nelson-DH (R) 5 Escobar, Eduardo-3B (S) 6 Wade Jr, Lamonte-RF (L) 7 Gonzalez, Marwin-1B (S) 8 Castro, Jason-C (L) 9 Adrianza, Ehire-SS (S)

Is this the lineup of a World Series champion?  Probably not but this could actually be a formidable lineup as each of these players, with the exception of Wade Jr., has had at least one decent season in the big leagues.  Wade Jr, is still establishing himself in the majors.  There is definitely more than one lineup card for this group but as noted earlier, this lineup has a lefty-righty progression.

How many starting pitchers does a team need in the post season?  Three.  Why three?  Because that’s the number of former Twins starters on the 40 man roster of playoff teams.  Who’s the ace?

Game 1 Lynn, Lance (R)    Game 2 Odorizzi, Jake (R)    Game 3 Happ, JA (L)

Hmmm….The fantasy 2021 Twins playoff roster seems to have the same problem as the real 2021 Twins, starting pitching.  That’s a shaky starting staff at best.  As long as we’re in fantasy baseball land, let’s just bring back Morris, Erickson and Tapani or Frank and Bert (sorry Les Straker).

The entire relief corps is made up of righties.  That could make things difficult as well.  Here’s the list in alphabetical order.

1 Chargois, JT 2 Graterol, Brusdar 3 Littell, Zack 4 Pressly, Ryan 5 Robles, Hansel 6 Wisler, Matt & Closer Hendriks, Liam

The good, the bad and the ugly comes to mind – wah wah wah. None of these relievers were given a long tryout in the big leagues with the Twins.  Robles was already established when he was signed by the Twins but, for the most part, the other 6 have seen more success outside of the Twins organization since they left.  This group of relievers could go either way but at least 1 lefty would be a great addition.

Does this roster win a World Series?  Probably not.  Does this roster get into the playoffs?  Big maybe but very doubtful.  The only sure thing for the 2021 Twins fantasy baseball playoff roster is that at least 1 former Twin will be part of a World Series championship team.  In the American League, the Astros have 4 former Twins and the Red Sox have 2.  The national league has fewer former Twins as the Braves have 2 and the Dodgers have 1. 

Is this roster a contender?  Would this group beat the current Twins roster in a 5 or 7 game series?  Have you assembled a better batting order?  Which former player(s) are you rooting for in the post season?  Which player(s) do you wish were still with the Twins?  Let me know what you think.

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And then we have names like Huscar Ynoa (Braves), Luke Raley (Dodgers), Brooks Raley (Astros)...just some of the former guys in the Twins minor league system. Luis Gil (Yankees) is another. Curtis (Braves) got injured. Andrew Vasquez was grabbed by the Dodgers just in case.

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I feel that FO choices have to be made in order to create that World Series possibility. I agree that this team of former players is not going to win a World championship. If we compare this list to the 2021 game 1 roster, I think most people would agree that on April 1st, we thought we had a MUCH better team. Letting go of these former players in 90% of the cases was making room for players with higher upside.  I like Lamont Wade, but not enough to block Kiriloff or Larnach, Celestino, Miranda or Martin from corner outfield playing time in 2022. The FO is aiming higher. 

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Yeah, the Twins let Rosario go because they thought, between Rooker and Kirilloff and Cave, they would be covered. Wade was behind those three, and in the longterm scheme of things about to be passed by Celestino and Larnach when looking towards 2022. 


Who knew the fight for leftfield would be between Garlick, Broxton and Refsnyder, with Cave being the backup of choice because he could play centerfield.


In hindsight, looking at 2021, we wish we had stuck with Wade over Cave, sadly.


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By many Wade was considered a better fielder than Cave. In SF Wade played a large chunk of his time especially later at 1B not OF. If Wade is better than Cave and Wade isn't valued as an OF option that shows how other teams think of Twins evaluation of OFs.





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