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  1. I see Donaldson bringing trade value, regardless off his contract. He has potential to be the first to go, opening the door for Miranda. I would guess the next could be Kepler since he can also play CF, is a decent defender. I will go the slightly younger starting crew after trades: 1B: Sano 2B: Polo SS: FA or trade (someone with higher OPS than Simmons, decent glove) 3B: Miranda LF: Kiriloff CF: Buck RF: Celestino (can also cover for Buck when needed!) DH: Arraez Catch: Garver Bench: Jeffers, Gordon, Rooker, Tortuga Fingers crossed for a healthier, faster lineup
  2. Reason for optimism: Potential line up 2022 Arraez(2b/U), Donaldson(3b/DH), Miranda(DH/3b), Buxton(CF), Polanco(SS/2b) Garver(C), Kiriloff(1b/Lf), Martin(OF/SS), Kepler(Of) Good OPS and solid Defense... but might need a defensive SS yet. If Refsnyder (good OF defense, speed, can play IF) can hit .260, I would like him on the bench with Jeffers and Astudillo. Our pitching has done better recently with the young starters with "Low ceiling"' because the early rotation was soo rough. Its GOT to get better from here.. (optimism, right??) Bringing in one or two of our higher prospect arms will will only help. We've got some cash to use this off season/ trade value to fill the remaining holes in BP, SP and possibly SS, if they go that route.
  3. This is legit! Thanks for the post. I feel that since OPS is a better offensive metric, evaluating that PER position is a way to know where and why the offense keeps coming up short with RISP, down the line up. How do these numbers compare with clutch hitting stats?
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