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Span and Revere Could Move Again

Cody Christie



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Last offseason, the Minnesota Twins traded two of their most important outfield pieces, Denard Span and Ben Revere. There were plenty of reasons for doing this but the main reason was the team needed to add some pitching prospects to their minor league system. The club also felt Aaron Hicks was close to being ready to take over the everyday center field job.


It's nearly a year later and things might already be falling apart for both of these players in their new organizations. Reports have begun to surface that the Nationals and the Phillies might be willing to part ways with the center fielders they've had for all of one season. There are a variety reasons each team wants to go in a new direction.


Denard Span- Washington Nationals

2013 Stat Pack: .279/.327/.380, 4 HR, 11 3B, 28 2B, 20 SB

Last Season: In his first season with the Nationals, Span played over 150 games for the first time since 2010. He was a National League Gold Glove nominee for his continued strong defense in center field. His shift to Nationals Park helped him to collect a league high 11 triples. Span also stole 20 bases for the first time in three seasons.


Trade Talk: The Nationals are now interested in signing free agent center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury and this could make a deal for Span imminent. Ellsbury is a Scott Boras client and the Nationals have been a landing spot for some of his free agents in the past. It will be interesting to see if the Nats are able to sign Ellsbury before they trade Span or they could end up with multiple lead-off men on their team for next year.


Contract Situation: There is some value left in Span as he as a couple years remaining on his current contract. In 2014, the 29-year old will be owed $6.5 million with a $9 million club option for the following season. Span also played very well in the second half of the season and this could make other teams very interested in his services.


Ben Revere- Philadelphia Phillies

2013 Stat Pack: .305/.338/.352, 0 HR, 3 3B, 9 2B, 22 SB

Last Season: A broken foot just before the All-Star break cost Revere a big chunk of his season. He was on fire before the injury as he hit .407 with a .909 OPS in the 29 games. It looked like the Phillies might have finally unlocked the Revere puzzle and he could provide some solid value for the club in the years moving forward.


Trade Talk: It can be tough for a player that relies on speed to make it make all the way from a broken foot. This could mean some tough decisions ahead for the Phillies front office. Revere likely won't have a ton of trade value in the coming months as teams try and see if he is healthy. Philadelphia might try and add another outfielder to the mix for next year and this could mean a Revere trade.


Contract Situation: Revere earned Super 2 status under the arbitration system and this makes him eligible for arbitration for the first time. He will likely get a slight bump in pay but he is still very affordable for the next handful of seasons. The first year Revere will be eligible for free agency is 2018 so it seems likely for the Phillies to hang on to him for right now.



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Had heard the Span rumors but nothing about Revere. Looks like the Twins timed the trades pretty well last year[/b'].


I'm not sure. I read somewhere, where the Twins FO doesn't understand the concept of selling high. I think it's much more likely that Meyer and May just fell into their lap.:)

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