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Are we... TOO good?

Doc Munson



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I have come to the conclusion, as many other have very recently that the Twins are simply TOO good.   Is there another league we could be promoted to? I mean fo rthe fairness of all other MLB teams?

Could we petition MLB to allow for a 10th and 11th position in the lineup?

Hands have now been officially and sufficiently wrung with regards to how to get even more 1st ballot unanimous HOF players into this already legendary lineup.

It was tough enough to find any spot for the historically dominant Alex Kirilloff. After all how fair is it to a player who as put up gaudy numbers such as the just north of .250 avg and darn near touching .700 OPS.  I mean he darn near hits triple digits in OPS+!!!  and thank the heavens we did because out of all fo the dominant bats in this lineup he single handed carried us to a "non-no hitter"!!!

I mean what other team has the luxury of demoting the teams leader in RBI  to replace with a future HOF?

A team SO dominant that have the luxury of NOT playing a Platinum Glove CF on defense, in order to allow us the luxury of DH who does not strike out 65% of his plate appearances!!!  That is like TWO THIRDS of the time is not a guaranteed out!!!

Like we weren't a team with an embarrassment of riches already, We now have to figure out how to get yet another guaranteed lock of an All-Star, MVP, HOF player in Royce Lewis his ABs in the lineup within the next 20 days. He has already proven himself over the course fo a full 7.5% of a season that he is the next best player in the league!!  I mean the player so good we dumped our RBI leader has just over Lewis' number over the last YEAR AND A HALF!!!  let alone 7.5% of a season!!


In all seriousness though, what do we do with Lewis fi he comes back raking in AAA?  If you look at the Twins top hitters average wise (who qualify with enough AB's)  we have 4. hitting...  Buxton leads the way at .239,  Larnach .221 (no longer on team) Miranda at .219 and Correa at .193.

If he can be the spark that he was last year he needs to be here, and if he is who does he replace?

His 2 primary positions he will be playing in minors 3B & SS are filled by Miranda and Correa.  they are not moving anywhere. Polanco at 2B is set. What about 1B? Miranda COULD move back over there, but that would mean Kirilloff so his injured, underperforming self.  Even though he injured himself in the OF there is still technically an option. Does he replace Gallo? Kepler? Taylor?  none of them are scared cows, but I m not sure I see it too much.  Does he replace DH? Well if we are set on keeping Bubble(wrap) Boy in the DH slot that aint happening.

But maybe Lewis' arrival is exactly what the Twins are waiting on???  He will be back June 1st at the earliest, assuming everything goes as planned.  At the beginning of the season it was said that Buxton would be EASED back into CF by starting out at DH. Are they now too scared to play him there? and leave him at DH permanently? or would the 1st 2 months of the season be an adequate amount of time to ease Buxton in? Maybe they were anticipating Lewis back in June/July the whole time, and the plan was Buxton DH's until then, and then open up DH for Miranda, by having Buxton back in CF and Lewis playing 3B?

If you are going to be wanting to get Lewis back on the team sooner rather than later, and he hasn't played ball in a year, then you want him to get reps  in the field where he will be playing on the big league level. and he will be playing SS/3B in the minors. That means either a rotation of SS/3B for Lewis with Correa & Miranda getting "rest days" as DH... which means Buxton back in CF,  or it means a set position which will not be SS, so it will be 3B with Miranda either moving to 1B or DH.


With us being in 1st place, and our pitching being strong, a spot will not open up via trade.


OF course way too early to start planning, btu "what if" Lewis comes out swinging???  What do you see the Twins doing to get his bat and his jolt in the lineup?






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Miranda is just not hitting so he could be replaced. It appears we are leading all baseball teams with the lowest batting average and just about leading baseball with the most strikeouts.

Unless our hitting improves it will be be hard to remain a winning team.

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Tough decisions but the most obvious is the plan with the lineup  ,,,

We have to manufacture runs , a contender  finds all ways to score runs and not solely rely on tge homeruns  ....

Need clutch hitting  with bases full  , 33 times we have loaded the bases and only twice have we scored ...

Wake up coaches and get your players to maximize their talent because baseball seems to be going backwards  and a .200 BA  is ecceptable now a days and a player remains on the roster  , when a near a near .300 BA  was the norm years ago and if you couldn't hit you were sent elsewhere  ( only players that  stayed on a team years ago and were light hitters was Shortstop and catcher ) which were very important positions on defense  ...

I would like to see first a killer instinct  , consecutive  hits in a row , singles , doubles , triples , walks , bunts , changing hitting approach with runners in scoring position  , keep finding ways to move the runner into scoring posture  like a hit and run , if you don't like stealing a base ,  the manager should compromise  with a hit and run  ...

Just make the game more exciting again  , please make the game more exciting  ...

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Thought this was a Randball article? I myself think we should continue to swing for the fences! Go for it! Nothing is more exciting than a solo home run almost every game, except the tension that builds when the Twins have the bases loaded with no one out. Will that medium deep fly ball get smacked (exit velocity 78, launch angle 120) with less than two outs? Or will it follow a SO and pop up foul of third? Tune in tonight.

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