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  1. I guess I can get on board if he's just trolling but it comes off so so negative that it's hard to listen to. I've been a twins fan for 30 years, I know they haven't had much success so I'd rather listen to people with some optimism. It's more fun even if the twins are bad. I can be realistic but still happy.
  2. He pops up on Rand's Daily Delivery podcast all the time and all he has to say are negative old guy things. It doesn't even sound like he likes the sport of baseball anymore. I used to like listening to him but his negativity stinks. Are we actually that angry of a fan base that he's just pandering to the lowest common denominator?
  3. Now you've got two guys on base in what is already a blow out. That pitcher sure showed us. Kep is a boss.
  4. Cave shouldn't even feel bad. These grown athletes act like school kids. You play to win the game. Cave is a fringe player and needs all the stat boosts he can get in order to secure a larger pay day. Cave is just practicing capitalism.
  5. Adding a 26th roster spot seems directly at odds with forcing pitchers to face 3 batters.
  6. It's real nice seeing our boy ROYCE right on his heels despite being 3 years younger
  7. WTF is up with this broadcast and not showing the twins first batter!
  8. If he pulls him, Molly is wrong. If he keeps him in, Molly is wrong. This guys bullpen management is so freaking snakebit.
  9. So Lynn has the lowest swinging strike rate in the majors but second is Gibson!? I want to see the breakdown of how Gibson is finding success.
  10. I still really want Morrison to succeed. He's going to warm up. Just a consistent .250, that's all we need from him.
  11. He's claiming he's innocent... ignorant*, but he didn't assault a chick. Which denials am I supposed to belive again??
  12. If it ain't Berrios, I like your reasoning and it could be a really fun kind of wild card cup of tea moment for Romero. Though, If he's not called up for the rest of the year, you've just thrown away his first option season. We started Polanco clock a couple years ago just to have him sit on the bench, which is why we got to watch him hit .190 through July. It would be fun and I would cheer real hard for Romero though.
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