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  1. Welcome to the big leagues Eddie Rosario! It may just be a 2 week trial, but give them a reason to keep you up here for good.
  2. To make a point on Santana, sure he could come help out in the 2nd half of this season. More realistically I would think he's going to be very inconsistent. He's going to have some rust after not pitching for half a year recovering from not injesting/injecting PED's, right? Or does that logic only apply to Buxton & Sano working off the rust mentioned in earlier threads?
  3. Limestone Baggy sees this season clearly without blue & red tinted glasses. Reasons to be cautious and not go overboard on this year so far: We've seen Plouffe have these hot streaks before, and we've also seen him disappear off the face of the earth for weeks at a time. I really hope he can stay consistent, but there hasn't been any evidence in his MLB career so far to say he will. Twins W-L record on this date (May 4th) over the last 5 seasons: 2010 - 18-9 (last contending season) 2011 - 11-18 2012 - 7-18 2013 - 12-14 2014 - 14-15 2015 - 13-12 we've seemed to be competitive around this time since 2013, but as we all know it didn't turn out to be the case. If I am wrong I will gladly eat crow, but I still need to be convinced that the current roster on hand is a part of a master plan to be competing for a playoff spot this season.
  4. Up to this season, I could have led pitchfork nation against Mike Pelfrey. But as long as he's starting to figure things out, I am okay with him in the rotation. I have now focused my pitchfork efforts on Nolasco. I hope the only motive to put him back in the rotation is to see if he shows any signs of turning things around. If he has 2 starts in a row where he lasts 5+ innings, I would deal him in a heart beat. Heck, even a Josh Hamilton type deal where we only get "cash considerations or a player to be named later" would be a good deal for Nolasco.
  5. I'm with you 100%. I'd be curious to have someone outside of the organization review the farm, and see if it's still this highly rated. Or if we've been fed lies the last 4 years. In my opinion it feels like we're still 2 years behind where the Cubs and Astros are. When they decided to blow it up and start over, we were still signing re-treads and no upside veterans as if we were thought to be a competitive team. I don't get it.
  6. No doubt about it, Terry has made countless errors in judgment over the last 4-5 years since he reclaimed his GM title. When you think about it, he spent the vast majority of his career scouting, selecting, and signing low-ceiling "pitch-to-contact" pitchers. When the philosophy changed 3-4 years ago to acquiring power arms like Meyer, May, etc. the organization has not been able to adapt and develop these guys. There has to be a younger candidate OUTSIDE of the organization that can come turn this around. You would think it would be an attractive opportunity with the prospects we have, and more high-end prospects to come this June, and June 2016.
  7. Yes that is true. Can't blame anyone for taking a raise when it's offered to them. He was mediocre in the NL with only 2 full seasons below a 4 ERA. I don't know why he was expected to do anything better in the AL with us. If only we weren't so desperate for any pitcher with a pulse that off-season. I fear it's going to be the same situation in 2017-2018 seasons with Ervin Santana.
  8. Sure that plays into it. But more than that, he's just been flat out brutal since joining the team. A 5.38 ERA last year, large # of walks allowed, and throwing meat balls down the middle (like Moonshot Scott Baker) isn't going to win over any fan base. Plus... the $11.5 million pay check for mediocrity doesn't sit well either.
  9. Wow what a crazy stat! I can only imagine the look on Calvin Griffith's face that night with 5,213 fans in the crowd. Thanks for a great bar trivia question that I can stump my fellow mid 20 year old friends with
  10. Can the Twins break a record for largest deficit in attendance in game #2 of the home stand? Looks like it was a sell-out, or near sell-out yesterday. Now that home opener nostalgia has worn off, will even half the seats be filled tomorrow?
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